Tuesday, May 30, 2006


One GREAT way to reduce the violent suppression of opposition by the mercenary (mostly non-Iranian) Basiji forces, the Revolutionary Guard elites, the Police and Security Forces or the Mullahs in general, in Iran, against those demonstrating for their freedom, imprisoned for having dared to voice an opinion or women lashed for showing their hair or holding hands in public with a man (both get whipped) or walking a pet or carrying one in public, is to make the perpetrators' names, addresses, phone numbers, vehicle license plates and home addresses known to everyone.

The Voice of Iran (KRSI) radio station broadcasting 24/7 out of Southern California into Iran has already begun doing this on their daily half hour of live call-ins from inside Iran. The callers, mostly on cell phones, provide this kind of information which is then broadcast LIVE back into the country. The information becomes available to everyone for immediate and future reference.

Consider the intended chilling effect of having your name and private details broadcast nationwide so you can no longer operate under the radar with any level of anonymity! So that your role in secret torture sessions suddenly beomes public knowledge - without giving up the source of the "outing" to suffer further retribution. Providing they survived the first round.

Clearly, attempts to settle some private scores will occur but in the scope of the bigger picture, this aspect becomes insignificant. Such private scores will naturally be aimed at a cleric or secret agent of the Mullahs, so aimed in the right direction.

Aliases used by various agents of the Mullahs and the military become known and as thisprocess progresses, the real names will come out, tearing that veil, too.

The list shown below is a starter and requires PHOTOS for my Rogues Gallery in my Graphics Blog section. Please post names, information and photos as comments, or a link to which I can go to find any of this.

Please Pass This List To Everyone

Help Complete This List of the Islamic Republic's Torturers & Their Torture Masters
مزدوران حزب الله را شناسایی و معرفی کنید

Javad Azadeh, Prison interrogator and torturer.
Mohammad Hussein Akhtari, Deputy head of the international department, in Ali Khamenai ( the supreme leader’s) office. He was the president of the Revolutionary court in the province of Mazandaran, where he issued hundreds of execution orders. He also served for over eight years ( 1988- 97) as Iran’s Ambassador in Syria, where he entertained close relations with the Hizbolah and planned terrorist actions in the region, in Europe and assassinations of Iranian opposition members abroad.
Sadegh Ashkte-Talkh: member of Ansar- e- Hizbollah.
Ali-Neza Akharian : Deputy Minister of Intelligence during Ali Fallahian’s as Minister( 1984- 89).
Hussein Alah- Karma : member of Ansar- e- Hizbollah. Majid Ansari : Head of country’s prisons,1978- 1988. representative of the supreme judicial Council in the Islamic Revolutionary courts and Islamic Revolutionary justice offices and prisons. Member of parliament 188- 96 and 2000-2004.
Morteza Bakhtiari ; director of Iran's prisons.
Abdollah Javad Ameli : Cleric public prosecutor and revolutionary court judge in the province of Mazandaran.
Ahmad Janati : Cleric, secretary of the guardian Council since 1988. Acted as the revolutionary court judge in Tehran, Isfahan, and Ahvaz for several years. He has been member of the Guardian Council since 1980 and acts as the substitute Friday prayer Imam of Ghom and Tehran.
MOHAMMAD HEJAZI : Commander of Basij forces.
Asghar Hejazi : Cleric. Acts as adviser and Head of security office of the supreme leader. He was appointed by Khomeini to re- organize Savak. He served as a deputy of the new intelligence Ministry. After Khomeini’s death he was moved to the supreme-leader's office. He is known to be one of those ordering torture and execution of political persons.
Rouhollah Husseinian : Cleric. Deputy prosecutor general of the special court for clerics. Judge and public prosecutor in revolution court of Tehran. He also acts as the representative of the country’s public prosecutor in the Ministry of Intelligence.
Ali Fallahian : Cleric. Intelligence Minister ( from 1984-89). Islamic revolution courts prosecutor- general in1982. Prosecutor for the special court for clerics in1987. Known to be responsible for most of political assassinations in Iran and abroad, between 1982 to 2001. He is on Interpol’s wanted list in connection with Mykonos Judgement in 1991 in Germany.
Mostafa Pourmohammadi cleric : Acts as the Supreme-leader's adviser in charge of security of seminars. He plays a direct role in relation to acts of torture and disappearances of the regime’s political opponents.
Ali Akbar Velayati : He is the supreme- leader’s top adviser in matters relating to security and international relations. He was the regime’s foreign minister 1982-97. He is known to play an important role in the regime’s policies of exporting revolution, acts of terrorism abroad and torture and elimination of its opponents at home. Some of these facts came to light in the course of the Mykonos trial in Germany 1994-97.
Ali Akbar Nategh Noori: Cleric. Interior Minister ( 1981-85). Head of inspectorate in the supreme leaders office since February 2000. Speaker of parliament 1992-2000. Member of parliament 1988-2000. He is known to have been responsible for policies of repression which were the order of the day during his term as the minister of interior. In his present position it is he who in the name of his boss Ali Khamenei has been implementing the harsh and repressive policies of the regime including acts of torture and elimination of the regime's opponents.
Mahmood Hashemi Shahroodi, cleric : Born in Iraq. Entered Iran after the 1978 revolution. Khomeini had first appointed him as head of the high council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq. Today he heads the Judicial branch of the government. He is also a member of the guardian council and a member of the Expediency Assembly. He is supportive of "Islamic Revolution courts" and has not shown any sensitivity against daily rampant acts of torture taking place in Iranian prisons. He and Mesbah Yazdi, were the only two clerics to vote to elevate Ali Khamnei to Grand Ayatollah so he could be come Supreme Ruler.
Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani (Bahremani) cleric. For 25 years he has been one of the most powerful political figures in Iran. He is more than anyone responsible for the regime commission of acts of torture, barbarities of all sorts and elimination of its opponents at home and abroad. (Self-elevated to title of ayatollah).
Hossein Shariatmadari : officer in the ideological and Political Bureau of the Islamic Revolution guards corps ;interrogator in the Evin prison, Ali Khamenei’s representative and general manager of Keyhan publishing company. (Not to be confused with the venerable Ayatollah Shariatmadari, who died under house arrest on Khomeini's orders).
Mohammad Esmail Shushtari : cleric. Tehran Islamic Revolution prosecutor’s office ; director of the prisons organization( 1988-89), justice Minster since 1989.
Mohammad Yazdi : cleric. Head of the Judiciary ( 1990-2000). During this period he ordered arrest and prosecution of intellectuals, prominent journalists and others. Nearly all were tortured and denied fair trials.
Ali Yunessi : Head of the Revolutionary court in Tehran in early 1980’s. Judge at he Army’s revolutionary court in mid 1980’s. Assistant to the Minister of Intelligence Mohammad Mohammadi Rayshahri, Tehran public prosecutor (1988-89).
Hassan (Fereidoon) Rouhani, cleric. Supreme Leader’s representative and secretary of the all powerful High National Security Council since 1996). In those capacities he plays important role in torture and elimination of the regime’s opponents at home and abroad.
Mohsein Rafighdoost. Minister of Islamic revolution guards corps(1982-88), Director of the Noor foundation since 1999.
Yaha Rahimsafavi : Commander- in- chief of the Islamic Revolution guards corps sine 1997.
Mohsen Rezaiee : Commander- in- chief of the Islamic Revolution guards corps (1981-96), secretary of expediency discernment council since 1997.
Morteza Rezaiee. One of the founders of the intelligence unit of Islamic Revolution guards corps, currently head of the Islamic revolution guards corps intelligence unit and head of the Information office of the supreme leader.
Ali Shamkhani : Islamic Revolution guards corps minister( 1988-89), defense Minister since 1997.
Ardishir Lotfian : member of the Islamic revolutionary guards. Chief of the police and security forces( 1991-2000).
Mohammad Mohammadi Rayshahri cleric : organizer and Sharia judge of the army Revolution court (1979), first intelligence Minister of the Islamic Republic, head of the special court for the clergy, prosecutor-general.
Morteza Moghtadaiee : cleric, prosecutor-general, since 1989. Islamic revolution court judge in Tehran, Ghom and other provinces 1980.
Abdolkarim Moussavi Ardebili : cleric, prosecutor general (1980-81). Head of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Supreme Courts (1981-89) in Tehran and Ghom.
Mohamad Mohammadi-Gilani. Cleric. Head of the Supreme Court. Member of the Assembly of Experts. Judge of Tehran Islamic Revolution court 1980-85 ; member of the guardian council 1986-92 ; Supreme Leader’s representative on the central council of universities.
Reza Nayeri : cleric, former Islamic revolution prosecutor.
Saeed Mortazavi. Tehran Islamic Revolution courts public prosecutor.
Rouhollah Hosseini. Cleric, prosecutor and judge in revolutionary courts. Deputy-prosecutor in the special court for the clergy ; representative of the prosecutor general in the intelligence Ministry. He has publicly defended actions of high ranking officials of the intelligence ministry in the killings of dissidents and intellectuals.
Ali Akbar Mohseni Ejehi, cleric. Head of special clergy court since 1980. He has worked in the judiciary department since 1980. He is known to favor death tortures and recourse to acts of tortures against those opposing the Islamic republic.
Abbas Ali Alizadeh, cleric. Head of the Tehran judicial office. Previously Head of the revolution court of Mashhad. He is known to have been responsible for the death of many people opposing the regime. He is alleged to have raped women prisoners.
Abdollah Javad Amoli : cleric, prosecutor and revolutionary judge in Mazandaran province.
Mohammad Golpayegani, cleric. Supreme leader’s Chief of Secretariat. He is directly or indirectly involved in all acts of repression, torture disappearances and killings that have taken place in the country during the past 14 years.
Ghorbanali Dori-Najafabadi, cleric, Minister of Intelligence 1997-98. Islamic revolution prosecutor in the 1980’s. Member of parliament 1980-88 and 1992-99. Member of the Assembly of Experts and head of the supreme council for the Administration of Justice( Divan- e- Edalat).
Abbas Vaez-e-Tabasi, cleric, Head of the multi-billion dollars foundation of Qods Razavi since 1979. Member of the Assembly of Experts since 1998 and member of the all powerful expediency Assembly.
Mostafa Mirsalim, ex chief of police. Has served as a top counselor to Ali Khamemei for many years. Member of the supreme council of cultural revolution and adviser to the supreme leader Ali Khamenei since 1997.
Ali Meshkini, cleric, speaker of the Assembly of Experts ( Majles-e Khobregan) since 1984 as well as Friday prayer of Qom.
Mohammad-Bagher Zolghadr : second in command in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Forces (IRGC).
Gholamreza Mahdavi : deputy of the national police and security forces, in charge of ideological and political department.
Ebrahim Ghalibaf. Commander of the security forces in the national police. (His brother allegedly the biggest and most renowned drug smuggler in Iran)
Mohammad-Ali Movahedi-Kermani : Representative of the supreme leader in the revolutionary guard forces.
Ardeshir Lotfian. An officer of the revolutionary guard, commander of the National police forces(1997- 2000).
Mohammad Ali Rahman. Representative of the supreme leader in the police and other security forces.
Heidar Moslehi : representative of the supreme leader in the Mobilization forces( Basiij).
Mohammad Shakibniya. Second in command in the Mobilization forces (Basiij), which violently suppress demonstrations and gatherings, specially at universities.
Ahmad Sheikha, torturer
Jafar Nemati, torturer
Massoud Dehnamaki, Ansar-e Hizbollah Terrorist
Mehdi Nasiri, Ansar-e Hizbollah Terrorist
Kaveh Komeil, Ansar-e Hizbollah Terrorist
Abdolmajid Mohtashem, Ansar-e Hizbollah Terrorist
Ali Mobasheri : in charge of Islamic Revolution courts.
Reza Zavarehi, close collaborator of Asadollah Lajevardi.
Mohammad Esmail Shoushtari, cleric, born in Qouchan (Khorasan province) in 1949. Left high school education and started formal religious education. Involved in Central Revolutionary Court as one of their main prosecutors. Director of the prisons organization (1988-89). Friday prayer leader of Shirvan, Khorassan Province. Deputy in the first and second terms of the Majlis. Member of Majlis commission for judicial affairs. Their Minister of Justice.
Hossein Moussavi-Tabrizi Cleric, Revolution’s General Public- Prosecutor 1981-1995. Revolutions Tabriz Public Prosecutor 1979-1981. Member of the Combatant Clerical Assembly. Responsible for torture and execution of thousands of freedom loving Iranians during the past 25 years.
Mohammad-Reza Naghdi (Shams) Revolutionary Guards Brigadier General, high-ranking member of the chief of staff of the Revolutionary Guards. In that capacity he played an important role in the assassinations of opponents of the regime abroad. His name is widely associated with acts of torture against the former Tehran Mayor as well as in regard to his private place of torture and involvement in the rape of young girls. Presently he works in the office of the chief of staff of the armed forces.
Elias Mahmoudi, Former officer of the Gendarmerie. In the past he had acted as the Head of Security office of the judicial branch of the government. After the revolution he has acted as interrogator and investigator of the Revolutionary Courts. As a deputy to Mohammad Mohammadi Rayshahri in the military public prosecutor’s office he has played an active role in commission of acts of torture against hundreds of members of the ground and air force personnel. For many years he has held key positions in the army’s public prosecutor office and in various military tribunals.
Ebrahim Yazdi, Very close collaboration with Khomeini during the first years after the 1979 uprising and one of the godfathers of the Revolutionary Guards. Secretly worked as the first revolutionary prosecutor and judge for several months after the revolution (organized, operated and fixed the late Hovayda’s trial as well as some others). Other roles include: Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Revolutionary Affairs (late 1979), Minister of Foreign Affairs, Member of Islamic Parliament(1980-84), Head of Keyhan (government sponsored publishing group), Head of the Iran Liberation Movement (since 1992). Currently pretending to oppose the Mullah regime he helped create. Trained with Palestinian guerillas.

Safar Herandi, Deputy to Hussein Shariatmadari.

___________________________________________________________________________ IMPORTANT NOTICE

At this time, Activistchat.com is in the midst of compilation of information and documentation, including pictures videos, voice recordings, CD's and... for presentation to the competent tribunals of the western countries, regarding the international crimes instigated, planned, ordered to be carried out or committed against Iranians and others living in Iran and abroad since March 1979.

Given acquiring sufficient funding from the Iranians at home and abroad, they will engage reputable law firms and prepare the grounds to go after them as soon they land in Europe or possibly even in the U.S. Of course wearing the mantle of the "President" as does Ahmadi-Nejad, will make the task much harder but it is a great humanitarian challenge worth trying.

For everything in the world there is always "a first time". Those individuals, at present, in order of priority include, but not limited, to the following:
1- Ali-Akbar Bahremani (known as Hashemi Rafsanjani)
2- Ali Khamenei
3- Saeed Mortazavi
4- Hashem Shahroudi
5- Ahmad Janati
6- Hussein Shariatmadari
7- Ali Falahiyan
8- Ali Yunessi
9- Hussein Shariatmadari
10- Yahya Rahim-Safavi
11- Ebrahim Ghalibaf
12- Ali Akbar Velayati
13- Mohammad-Bagher Zolghadr
14- Mohammad Mohammadi Reyshahri
15- Mohammad Hejazi
16- Mohsen Rezaee
17- Ghorbanali Dorri-Najafabadi
18- Mostafa Mirhashem
19- Abdolkarim Moussavi-Ardebili
20- Abass Vaezi
21- Mohsen Rafighdoust
22 - Ebrahim Yazdi
23 - Ali Akbar Velayati


Head Shrinkers said...

Great project. You should also have a similar project for potential paid mouthpieces for the regime in the West who write in Persian and spread disinormation about America. Most are here on Akhoondi scholarship.

azadi eshgheman said...

The site "holycrime" gives a list of criminals in the government as well. (http://holycrime.com/Criminals7.asp)
A similar idea of making a kind of "Nuremberg trials" came also from the human rights activist Hossein Bagher Zadeh (http://www.iranian.com/HosseinBagherzadeh/2006/April/SC/index.html)
I think it´s a great idea, I just hope it´s possible. Mainly without too many casualties. Keep on, great work!!!

Head Shrinkers said...

Check out this Iranian pundit's article in Asia times:


Is he a collaborator?

Anonymous said...

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