Tuesday, October 17, 2006


ALSO LOOK AT newly posted RECENT NEWSBRIEFS POSTED ON CURRENT "NEWS ROUND-UP" PAGE (link in left hand column). More being posted again, so check regularly. AND AT THE MULTI-LINGUAL PAGE - includes video showing the purchase and sale of HUMAN kidneys in the Iranian Bazaar. Scandinavian language and Farsi. HEADS-UP RE MUSLIM HOLIDAY VIOLENCE: Buzz in CT (Counterterrorism)/security community is Friday may be big day of violence as Muslims celebrate Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day -- when Big Mo (Mohammed) was supposedly wafted up to Paradise from al-Aqsa mosque. Friday is also juma prayer (special prayer). Then Eid Fetr (Muslim holiday you've seen the U.S. postal stamp) follows on Tuesday. CIFA (Counterintelligence Field Activity) Pentagon looking for even higher terror op tempo in Iraq and Afghanistan on those 2 days. Additionally, increase in Iraq violence intended to drive USA elections into Democrat hands and by terrorists perceptions to their advantage, also expected. Stop their intent by coming out in force and voting for Republican candidates. Even if you do not agree with them! They are better than the result of putting Democrats back in power - as clearly underlined by the terrorists' efforts to derail Bush.

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Anonymous said...

One should know by now that just about anything can set Muslims off sending them into a frenzy of murderous violence....