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With pictures worth a thousand words, here is a look at what Ahmadi-Nejad's visit means and what incompetence in our political arena and denial of reality can bring very close to home. Yours and mine. Not as far fetched as it seems at first blush. The extent of unthinkably violent "repression and suppression" depicted in this real photo of the Bassiji "police" may not reach America nor Europe tomorrow but will be a logical conclusion to the events unfolding now. All pointing in that direction as we hesitate and waffle, hoping the nightmare will go away when we awake. How stupid can we get?

Not believing that when we wake, this reality will likely have come to us in our sleep.

(Re: Comment from Chaya: "How come there aren't any visitors here??? You are an incredible person for doing this!! I just sent your site on to a bunch of friends and others. I also posted it on a Columbia University site which is 'debating' whether inviting Achmajinedad was the right thing to do or not. Do you want to know where it is??"

Alan's Reply: Over 500 visits and 850 page views today, so far (bit above average for a Sunday) including from Iran itself and a big number using Farsi language browsers but disguising their origin.

Visitors from all over the world drop in here but rarely post a comment. Instead they visit the various other pages, like the NEWS VIEWS or Daily Terror News pages, read, enjoy and often learn more about wide ranging geographical posts.

Yes, please send me the Columbia or other sites to and thank you for propagating my efforts. I constantly discover new sites which regularly post my articles.

Some, which specialize in counter terror or intelligence, post my whole Home page every time there is a change.

Be well. And since I am reverting back to this post, I have added two photos at the end. Which is the real Ahmadi-Nejad? Both? Neither?


Comparatively recently, the so-called "police" thugs with absolute immunity from reprimand or punishment for maiming and killing anyone, have had some $520 million spent on equipping and training them to ruthessly put down any anti-regime demonstrations. Or even a simple protest gathering.

The brandished weapon shown in the Islamic regime "police" photo is a variation on a long standing use of tire irons normally used to remove old or punctured auto tyres from wheel rims. These flat and heavy "double use" tools shattered inumerable limbs and heads during the pre-Ahmadi-Nejad administrations. Now with his total focus on control and a newfound liberation of the Bassiji to arrest anyone, they felt free to use a sharpened version of the tire iron, even making a wooden handle for it. Note the blood drain holes to facilitate slicing and extraction from a deep wound. Just like good kitchen knives. And the notch to prevent blood flowing back down to the handle. THEIR TERRORIST THUG BOSS - AHMADI-NEJAD - HIMSELF A COLD-BLOODED KILLER OF DISSIDENTS OVERSEAS - AND U.S .EMBASSY HOSTAGE TAKER (SHOWN BELOW IN A 1979 PHOTO AND A RECENT ONE) ENCOURAGES AND PROTECTS THE BASSIJI "POLICE" .


Contrary to his claim of being a SIMPLE man of the people and clean and honest, the copy of the newspaper below, trumpets in the headlines his corrupt and illegal payment of "billions" to his brother!
Ahmadi Brother Scam This thug executioner (regularly put 'coup de grace' bullets into the heads of those executed by firing squad early on in the revolution and was nicknamed accordingly), now is equally allowed to speak at Columbia University as if he were: not a declared terrorist, not a death squad commander, not dedicated to the eradication of the USA, not a tiny, dangerous man with a Napoleonic complex, not a philosophical Hojatieh sect adherent, (which believes that the 12th Imam redeemer will only return after 1,300 years until someone creates enough pain, death, misery and suffering to get his attention)

Not a sworn, ruthless proponent to use any means to destroy the West,

Not a rogue nation leader with already purchased/acquired nuclear capability (estimated at some eight to 12 warheads on Shahab missiles),

And - not a second creator of a situation similar to Hitler in the early 20th Century, which if we ignore or deny will cause even more death than Hitler ever could.


A tormentor and destroyer of the human mind, body and spirit as shown in two pictures below. The woman, who survived physically - got out alive - will bear physical and mental and emotional scars for the rest of her life.

Repeated and gang rape as part of punishment of female prisoners during their incarceration is encouraged by Ahmadi-Nejad and his administration to terrify anyone who might wish to oppose him.

Raping the women also puts a deep fear into their menfolk and forces them to hesitate before any opposition action knowing retribution would descend mercilessly n their loved women.

Mild result of Ahmadi-Nejad type punishement

More usual result of torture at the hands of Ahmadi-Nejad's thugs and hopefully relief in death can be seen below.

This (now unrecognizable) young man was picked up as a suspect! And never came out alive. His body shows the extent of the torture. Other photos show how they carved into his flesh to make him give up friends.

Early days in the torture and death shows (below) a still almost recognizable human.

Hey! Columbia University. You want to chat with the man who perpetrates this? Shame on you!

Hey! World leaders. You want this evil apology for a human to confront you with nuclear weapons? Wise up! And rapidly!

Read an analysis triggered by an open letter to President Bush from a Persian. Originally posted in Farsi (Persian) on my Multilingual Page (link in left hand column) but now loosely translated and being posted here in English as early as tomorrow (probably Monday) as the lead article.

Will the real Ahmadi-Nejad stand up, please!

Both illustrate the simple nutjob who drew up plans to move 20 million Iranians from villages to a dozen HUGE new cities to save on cost of providing water, electricity, phones and other infra-structure.

As any city planner with half a brain would testify this is a lunatic approach to urban structure - causing enormous problems with sewage disposal, air quality, transportation considerations, job provision for this imported population, etc.

But then he could not care less and simply arrests and tortures anyone who disagrees with him and if they die under the abuse, so much the better. One less opponent or dissident with whom to deal! He does not pay factory workers anyway so why would not providing jobs bother him?

Do nearly 500,000 homeless, parentless, vulnerable children just in Tehran streets alone bother him? Does he spend any fraction of the hundreds of BILLIONS he gives to Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah to provide for them? No.

Or the tens of thousands of abandoned women, also jobless and vulnerable on the same streets? No.

On the contrary he manages to arrest 140,000 women for improper Islamic dress code - in the space of - THREE DAYS! Why care when he can terrify them into submission and silence?

Shame on all those who condone his existence and appease him, as they did the Hitler before him.


Chaya said...

How come there aren't any visitors here??? You are an incredible person for doing this!! I just sent your site on to a bunch of friends and others. I also posted it on a Columbia University site which is 'debating' whether inviting Achmajinedad was the right thing to do or not. Do you want to know where it is??

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Dear ALLAN,you are my hero and iwould like to have people like you in my free IRAN as Honerable guests and true humen and i wish there were some more people like you at least in America because the Entire EUROPE are anti IRANIANS and good freinds of The terrorist Mullahs.

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Tonight I'm trying Mozilla Firefox.


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I think that the Iranian regime is still much better than the Israeli One.... which continues to make war crimes against HUMANS!