Saturday, March 22, 2008


Democrat ties to Terrorism have been reported in many articles from multiple sources BUT a Moslem MOLE so deeply embedded and trusted by a Democrat who wishes to be President at ANY PRICE is more than dangerous.

As much by Hillary's burning desire for the top post as the presence of a Moslem who spent her childhood from the age of two till College age, in strictly Moslem Saudi Arabia. Whose mother wears a Moslem hejab. Whose family has deep-rooted ties to Al Qaeda (see link farther down).

AND the only other Democrat candidate, Obama, has worrying Moslem ties and has followed the guidance of a startling anti-American spiritual leader for over 20-years.

You may not like McCain - and many Conservative Republicans don't, but unless you want a "Moslem" next President of the USA, by influence if not directly by personal religion, then with those choices, McCain is a safer/BETTER bet on our future. Rather than Iran's or Iraq's or the fifty or so Moslem countries who use the United Nations to sabotage America.

Including voting out the Human Rights Declaration that had stood till now but a new declaration from them in Cairo states that Human Rights must conform to ISLAMIC human rights. Which means none at all - by our modern , Western standards

Still have doubts? Remember the best SOVIET president you voted into power - Jimmuh the iidiot Carter, who caused our country more pain than any other president. Including by far, as per avid Democrats, George Bush!

Huma Abedin the top confident and closest aide for Hillary Clinton is an assistant editor to an Islamic Journal called “Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs”

In fact the “Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs” and its “Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs” were founded by Huma Abedin father Syed Z. Abedin was a famous Islamic scholar but died when Huma was 17, and now both the Islamic institute and its journal are headed by her mother Saleha Mahmood Abedin also known as Saleha S Mahmood a famous Islamic scholar and deputy dean of an Islamic school in Saudi Arabia called Dar Al-Hekma College for Women .

That is Huma mother in the picture shown in the link wearing the islamic Hijab.

According to the New York Observer Huma Abedin was born in Kalamazoo Michigan but her parents took her at the age of 2 to Saudi Arabia where Huma Abedin lived in Jeddah Saudi Arabia until her return to the US for college education.

From the New York Observer article on April 1 2007:

“The back story, as it were, begins 32 years ago in Kalamazoo, Mich., where Ms. Abedin, who declined to participate in this article, lived until the age of 2.

Her family then relocated to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where she lived until returning to the States for college.

She attended George Washington University. Her father, who died when she was 17, was an Islamic and Middle Eastern scholar of Indian decent. He founded his own institute devoted to Western-Eastern and interfaith understanding and reconciliation and published a journal focusing on Muslim minorities living in the diaspora.

Her mother, a renowned professor in Saudi Arabia, is Pakistani.”

Huma Abedin is not only an assistant for Hillary Clinton but she is her top confident, her secret weapon according to a quote from an aide to Hillary Clinton in the New York Observer article: “No one knows anything about her,” said one political aide. “She’s like Hillary’s secret weapon.”

In fact now we know something about Huma Abedin the top confident for Hillary Clinton, we know that she is an assistant editor of an Islamic journal headed by her Islamic scholar mother and founded by her Islamic scholar father.

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Debbie said...

Very interesting and disturbing. Looks like McCain is the only choice, sadly. I'm Conservative and think Obama and Clinton would be disaster for this country. McCain is some better, but he's far from perfect.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

StormWarning said...

B-b-b-ut, Bernard Lewis is on the Advisory Editorial Board of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs. Interesting, no?

BluePhoenix said...

You're an ignorant moron.

StormWarning said...

I don't know fo rsure how to react to the comment of the Blue Phoenix. If, on the one hand Blue's comment relates to the original post, then of course, it is "his" opinion and he's entitled to it, despite that fact that you don't go to someone else's blog and call them a moron. However, on the other hand, if Blue's comment is directed at me, then, Blue, "go eff yourself!" and if you wish to do so "sonny" please meet me at the corner so I can teach you some respect.