Friday, June 20, 2008


THE TRUTH ABOUT THE OBAMA RALLY MUSLIMS We've come to learn a little more information about these poor, victimized Muslim girls that were not allowed to sit behind Barack Obama at a rally because his staff didn't want him to be pictured with Muslims. Oh and by the way, this was all the Republicans fault!!?? Debbie Schlussel has done some great research to reveal who these two girls are ... Once the CAIR crowd got involved the Obama campaign started to quake. Now these girls have been invited to a future Obama rally and been issued a formal apology from the Obama campaign. So .. just who are they? Who are these girls who are soon to show up sitting behind the Messiah at a campaign appearance? One of the girls, Hebba Aref, was an officer of the Muslim Student Association when she attended the University of Michigan in Dearborn, the Muslim capital of the US. This Muslim Student Association, by the way, was identified by the Chicago Tribune as "part of the American manifestation of the Sunni terrorist group, Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimeen--The Muslim Brotherhood." So now we have this girl who is the officer of an organization that shares the same sentiments as the Muslim Brotherhood. At the time that Aref was an officer, the organization successfully demanded that the taxpayers of Michigan pay for Muslim students at the university to have footbaths. In addition, Aref was in charge of a program called Dawa from 2000 to 2003. This means that she was the officer in charge of converting others to Islam on her college campus. Alan note: meanwhile in England. Christian evangelists were threatened with arrest and being beaten up when they tried to distribute Christian fliers near a Moslem neighborhood! And in ENGLAND a non-Moslem father and son were prevented from using a public pool because it was in use by Moslems and their kafir bodies would pollute the water and pollute the Moslems. In Iran, Jews were not allowed to leave their homes if it were raining because the rain water would pollute the sidewalks or splash off them onto Moslems and thus pollute them! The Pahlavi monarchs prevented this being implemented. Now, you have the "ayatollahs" implementing the sharia laws as if we were back in the era of 1400 years ago. And the Dhimmis around the world (including Obama - when it suits him) have no problem with this (or in many, many instances receive stipends and financial benefits for their suport of violent Islam). Welcome, Hebba Aref, to a position of honor at a future Obama rally. And as for the other girl, Shimaa Abdelfadeel, she was the chair of an organization called SAFE at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Back in 2002, her organization hosted a Divestment Conference against Israel. To give you an idea of what kind of conference this was, the crowds' favorite chant was apparently "Annihilate the Jews!" Oh and the keynote speaker was a man by the name of Sami Al-Arian, who is a convicted Islamic terrorist. Are you interested in reading some of Abdelfadeel's work? Take a look at this. So girls – here come your fifteen minutes of fame!

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