Friday, June 27, 2008


ANTIMULLAH DOES NOT DO PETITIONS - BUT you can ...... Received by AntiMullah How can we get a petition going? How can we post it? Does anyone know? If so, I propose that we send the following signed petition to Senator Obama. “Senator Obama, there has been a consensus among computer graphics experts that the birth certificate posted on your website is a fake and certainly not an official document issued by the State of Hawaii. When one searches public archives there is no record of you being born in Hawaii or of a marriage between your parents. In addition, two websites list two different hospitals as your hospital of birth. People are asking if you indeed were born here or in Kenya as it has been reported that your relatives at one time contended to the media that you were born in Kenya. We support your legal right to run for the office of President of the United States providing that you meet the natural born citizenship requirements. Unfortunately, Sir, there is the appearance here that you are hiding something regarding your birth record and pedigree. We therefore, respectfully ask that you release your original birth certificate and hospital records to the public. If you choose to refuse please give the American public the reason why.” Signed by concerned citizens SUGGESTION RECEIVED BY ANTIMULLAH Dear Sir,There is a webside , where all kinds of petitions can be placed. I think it is mainly used in USA or internationally. Isaw people on using it (if I am not mistaken). Otherwise try googling senator, congressman, petition to make sure you hit the nail. Greetings from Prague JF p.s. I make progress studying Persian, based on my HindiUrduSanskrit knowledge it is not hard. If you have some interesting cultural political web sites to recommand, send it over to me. I prefer bilingual ones. Possible to listen to Persian poetry on-line? Thanks

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