Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Sources from inside Iran have advised that earlier today, July 8th, the Islamic regime has fired missiles at, and sent mortar shells into Camp Ashraf, where the Mojaheddin (MEK) in Iraq are sequestered. SIDEBAR: Photoshop altered picture (below) of Islamic Iran's "test" long range missile launch. Reports say that some of the missiles did not launch so the Mullahs used photoshop to duplicate one launch and show it as several. Look fo ryourself. And perhaps use false smoke trails try to hide that two of the launches did not have launchers. Western media did not bother and published these as REAL!


Methinks same rocket photographed at different stages in flight and layered in Photoshop, besides copying and pasting exhaust smoke. Indications arose that something was about to happen when Islamic Iranian forces announced a high level state of emergency in the Khuzestan region and moved additional missile launchers to Shalamcheh, one of their military sites on the Iranian side of the border. Reports state that on his recent visit to Iran, Iraqi premier, Al-Maliki, agreed to arrest and try some 150 or so MEK members who were at Camp Ashraf for having killed both Shias and Kurds for Saddam Hussein. When some Sunni leaders (and apparently US forces) nixed this idea and protected the MEK members, Al-Maliki granted the Islamic Iranian regime covert permission to attack Camp Ashraf. As further background, a Kurdish group which attacked the Islamic Iranian Air Force headquarters in Tehran and killed several officers and wounded nearly a dozen more, they reportedly had some MEK and Coalition Special Forces along on the operation. This thrust into the capital city of the Mullahs appears to have been a successful reconnaisance/pentration mission to test the ability to go in all the way into Tehran. Meanwhile, the Islamic Iranian ambassador to Baghdad has sent a message to the Mojaheddin that if they recant their antimullah mindset and wish to return to Iran they would be welcome. Sure! Similar to Khomeini promising the Shah's military that if they went neutral he would not harm them. they did and he slaughtered almost all senior officers and even low ranking ones. Mohaeddin video of a recent rocket atakc on Camp Ashraf.


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