Sunday, July 06, 2008


A WORRIED ISLAMIC IRAN CAMPAIGNS ALL OUT TO DISCOURAGE AN ATTACK ON THEM USING AND FUNDING A VARIETY OF LEFTY GROUPS. New York City - Los Angeles - Washington DC - Boston - Raleigh NC - Salt Lake City - and more than 50 cities Endorsers include (partial list): Add your name to the growing list of endorsers at American Iranian Friendship Committee, Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran - CASMII, Don't Attack Iran Campaign, Action Center for Justice, Charlotte, NC After Downing Street, Al-Awda NY - the Palestine Right to Return Coalition All Peoples Congress, Alameda Peace Network, CA Asia Pacific Action, Birmingham Peace Project, AL Calcare, Oakland, CA Coalition Against War, Racism & Poverty, Springfield MA Cures-not-wars, NY, NY Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality, Richmond, VA Eyes Wide Open International, Nampa, Idaho FIST-Fight Imperialism, Stand Together, Forever Green Fields Farm Union, Shortsville, NY Ft Wayne Peace Action Coalition, Ft Wayne, IN Green Party, Winston Salem, NC Green Party of Utah - Desert Greens, Green Party Peace Network, Maine Harlem Tenants Council Healthcare Not Warfare, NY Hicksville Students Against War (hsaw), Hicksville, NY International Action Center Iraq Veterans Against the War, Olympia, WA La Jews For Peace, La Habra Heights, CA Mana Muslim Alliance In North America, Lexington, KY Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice, Millions for Mumia, Neturei Karto, Spring Valley - NY, NY Committee for Human Rights in Philippines, People For Peace And Justice Of Utah, People Of Faith, West Hartford, CT People To People Tv, Santa Barbara, CA Peoples Video Network Pray For Peace Foundation, Mesa, AZ Queers for Peace & Justice Radio Free Maine, Augusta, ME Rapja, Riverside, CA Sound Of California, Santa Ana, CA The New Vanguard, NY, NY The Peoples Coup, Missoula, MT Troops Out Now Coalition, Vote No War Funding, Women's Fight Back Network

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Neturei Karto said...

I'm the Neturei Karto Spring Valley N.Y. and you use my name in falsifying manners.I never endorsed my name for the removal of the Islamic regime inIran.I wish there will be always an Islamic regime in obviously a Zionist that make fun from the real Stop the war on Iran organization.Shame on you