Monday, July 21, 2008


Campaign tries to keep supporters from seeing controversy over fundraising lottery As reported previously WINNERS WERE ALREADY PICKED in advance of the final deadline. The Obama campaign, in response to complaints from Minnesota’s Department of Public Safety, modified its fundraising lottery to allow people to enter without making a donation. It was the opinion of Minnesota law enforcement that, prior to this change, the need to make at least a small donation in exchange for a chance toan expenses-paid trip to the Democratic National Convention constituted an illegal lottery. There is also a question as to whether the winners were really picked randomly, noting that a previous lottery winner was announced before the entry deadline. The Obama campaign is afraid, and rightly so, that its use of questionable fundraising methods will alienate its supporters, so it is doing its best to censor this information so as to keep supporters and contributors from seeing it. The campaign’s moderators and administrators deleted the following blog entry from, doubtlessly because they do not want the site’s users to know that the campaign ran what might be an illegal lottery. ...The Obama campaign pulled this blog entry off its site even though it was critical of Rush Limbaugh, doubtlessly because the campaign obviously does not want its supporters and donors to look into the issue of whether the campaign was funding itself with an illegal lottery. This is something the Obama campaign is terrified that its own donors might see, so we encourage our readers to circulate this story as widely as possible. Once a would-be Messiah’s followers see through him and realize that he is a fraud, it is all over for him.

It's bad enough that Barack Obama's trip to the Middle East is getting an insane amount of MSM coverage (the three big network news anchors? Whoa!); now, NBC News believes it apt to compare Obama's sojourn to ... an actual military tour of duty. Yes indeed. Check out at right how anchor Lester Holt introduces last evening's Nightly News. Here's another misleading image of his tour of duty as a "Marine". He has never served!!


And this is what he and his mentors think of the American Flag

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