Sunday, July 06, 2008


MULLAH ENGINEERING click here - video is in Farsi BUT so graphically simple to understand that it does not really matter what language is being used. In brief, the reporter describes the connector bridge between the two directions of the freeway to/from the Caspian city of Rasht and Ghazvin toward Tehran. He notes how both ends are sign posted with "danger of death" warnings! Note how the connector on/off ramp (just the only one at each end) throws the vehicles straight into oncoming traffic in either direction of travel/use! If you have ever wondered how things are done in Islamic Iran, here is an insight into their technical skills, logical brain power and what this represents when they talk to us in the West. If this is how they plan and execute plans (though really good at executing people) then this bridge represents the kind of connection between our culture and theirs that Obama claims he can overcome. Dream on, Obama, dream on! And get real and show us your Birth Certificate that proves you are a "natural born citizen" and not born in Kenya as YOUR whole family claims and has claimed, which with the other requirements disqualifies your eligibility to be President. Dare you!

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