Sunday, July 20, 2008


Trying to pretend a military connection. Falsifier, MIS-leader. NOT "leader", NOT worthy, probably not eligible to be our President.
LINKS below to everything you need to read and see to make up your mind about Obama's Birth background.
FORENSIC EXAMINATION OF THE CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH (COLB) DETAILS EXACTLY WHERE AND WHY IT IS FALSE. Read about it at Atlasshrugs link below: FORENSIC DETAILS OF FALSE COLB - CLICK HERE Details of Hawaii blocking the production of a real COLB HAWAII BLOCKING - click here Hawaii laws permit issuing "Late Registration" Birth Certificates (as the forgery appears to REPRESENT) for those born outside the State, born of unmarried parents, or when a parent is a non-citizen, or when the contents of the original have been altered. LATE BIRTH RESISTRATIONS IN HAWAII - CLICK HERE UPDATED Israelinsider analysis of the forgery: UPDATED ANALYSIS - CLICK HERE