Friday, July 18, 2008


Some amusing. perhaps politically incorrect, amusement for your weekend. TGIF (Thank God (or Goodness) It's Friday)


evilislam said...

Sarkuzi knows better:

(ANSAmed) - PARIS, JULY 17 - A "luminous and liberated" veil, in the spirit of Islam's poetics, will cover but not hide, thanks to a light transparent structure, the Visconti Court of the Louvre Museum in Paris, in the right wing, to host the new museum of Islamic arts, to be established in 2010. ¿It is a political museum¿, as explained to ANSA by Rudy Ricciotti, of Italian origins, one of the two architects, with Mario Bellini from Milan, who designed the project, selected among 52 applicants. "In the sense that it recognises all the peoples in a lay state, such as France", he added. "It is not an Islamic museum in the religious sense, many of the exhibited objects - over 3,000 items dating from the VII to the XIX century, which will add to the 10,000 already on show at the Louvre - do not bear any reference to religion. We are talking rather about the art of the civilisation of Islam, the reference is to the geographical region". "The veil-like structure, which plays with the metaphor of the Islamic veil, even if it is rather a 'liberated' veil, blown and lulled by the wind, or rather a cloud, or a flying carpet, is light, modern, transparent, allows the light to be filtered by the golden roof and the structure of the external court is visible from every angle. The new halls of the Islamic museum, which will expand on two levels, for a total area of some 3,000 sq m, represent, after the Pyramid of Ieoh Ming Pei, built in 1989, the most original and modern structure of contemporary architecture in the historical context of Louvre. Partly financed by the French state (20 million euro), partly by the Saudi President and Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who extended 17 million euro, and other patrons, for a total cost of 86 million euro, the department of Islamic arts "shows the respect of the cultural diversity and dialogue among the peoples and cultures", according to French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The two heads of state met yesterday in the Visconti Court to place the first foundation stone of the new museum. "This project is a moment of exchange, of opening", Sarkozy said. "For France the friendship with the Arab countries is very important. Islam means progress, science, pride and modernity", the French President continued. "It is an honour to include you among my friends", said the Saudi Prince, whose presence next to the French President reflects "the warm relations and ancient cooperation which join Saudi Arabia and France". "I am glad that you are giving also to the Muslims the chance to present part of their cultural heritage in the prestigious halls of the most famous French museum," Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud concluded. (ANSAmed).
2008-07-17 09:43

The Word-Drum said...

Enjoy your "Nothing Box" this weekend.

evilislam said...

Mazda, Wise God, with a bow and uplifted arms, I pray.
First, I ask for support through progressive mentality.
Then I pray that I may perform all my actions,
based as they are on the wisdom of good mind,
precisely according to the laws of righteousness
so that I please You and the soul of the Living World.

(The Gathas: Song 1.1)