Sunday, July 13, 2008


SUNDAY HUMOR VIDEOS click here Less humorous for many but not everyone: Politically INCORRECT text below, which we received, but do you really think something like this does not pass through millions of minds in America, in Europe and in a reverse fashion among those thus described? Who would love to have America and Europe as an Islamic Caliphate with nothing and nobody else except themselves? "Have you noticed that if you rearrange the word 'Immigrants' and add a few more letters it spells out: 'f_ck off and go home, you hairy faced, sandal wearing, bomb making, benefit grabbing, smelly rag head bastards" How weird is that ???

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evilislam said...

"I believe all the stuff I learn"

And what are they learning?

"My main goal is to go back and spread Islam all over USA."

"Not one Jewish person died in the 9/11 attacks." "Muslim people didn't do it."

"You are the terrorists. American people are the terrorists. We are not the terrorists."

Here is the Karachi Kids website (and thanks to Amil Imani for the link to the trailer above).

"Antenna up on Islamic schools: U.S. officials wary of possible al-Qaida recruiting," by Stewart M. Powell in the Houston Chronicle, July 12:

WASHINGTON — It's a nightmare scenario that awakens some U.S. intelligence officials at night: Pakistani-American youths will enter the country to carry out terrorist attacks after spending time at radical religious schools and al-Qaida training camps in Pakistan.
Officials say it hasn't happened, and some experts warn against labeling all young Americans who study in Pakistan as potential terrorists.

But the high-profile return home of two U.S.-born Pakistani-American teenagers last week who spent four years at a radical Islamic madrassa in Karachi has focused fresh attention on the potential threat, even though the brothers have no known ties to terrorism.

"...even though the brothers have no known ties to terrorism." The fact that they just spent four years learning the jihad ideology in depth ought to be enough grounds for suspicion.

Their saga stirred concern among some members of Texas' congressional delegation, prompting a call for congressional hearings and a request by 10 Republican members of the House for Pakistan to deport the estimated 700 Americans studying at the madrassas.
"From al-Qaida's standpoint, Pakistanis with American nationality are very attractive targets to recruit," says Bruce Riedel, a former career intelligence officer whose assignments included responsibility for South Asia. "They would have American passports that mean when they get to Dulles International Airport (outside Washington, D.C.) or George Bush International Airport (in Houston), they just sail right through."..