Saturday, August 16, 2008


A Persian opposition group, formed some three weeks ago by former Imperial Air Force Major-General Mehdi Rohani, calling itself Oghaab-e Iran (Iranian Eagle) out of California, has begun broadasting a "call to arms" or rather a call to demostrations inside Iran on Farsi language local media.

One radio station in California, KRSI -- ( - Voice of Iran Radio) also broadcasts by satellite into Islamic Iran and has a strong following there). FARSI SPEAKERS click here for more details of when and where on the Internet to listen to General Rohani speeches every Monday and Thursday. In a psychological attempt to avoid alienating former Mullah regime operatives, employees and even Revolutionary Guard or similar organizations, and perhaps earning their cooperation, Rohani is NOT calling for the overthrow of the Mullahs. His stated and outwardly simple goal of "Persian Eagle" suggests the removal of 100 (one hundred only) of the worst of the worst of the Mullah regime and starting again from there. No other formal change to the Constitution, overall Administration or national structure has yet been proposed. This could , if believed by them, remove the resistance of people - outside the 100 - who would otherwise feel personally endangered by any change of regime. This way, "they may, they might" accept the promise of an amnesty as a reality. The strategy has some merit but with nearly 30-years of Mullah promises to the populace being broken or ignored, nobody's credibility has much of a chance. The other side of the coin, heard from people returning from Iran visits, indicates that the people are so disheartened by the intolerable quality of life in Iran that they are openly wishing and asking for a bombing on Mullah heads to take place. Even if it kills them and other civilians, too. Their lives, as described by a multitude of reports reaching us from inside Iran and brought back by recent visitors has reached untenable proportions of oppression and death at the Mullah hands, poverty, misery, drug use, prostitution, corruption, theft, confidence trickery and inability to pay for their daily basic needs of food and shelter, that it's no longer worth living. Suicides and AIDS infections are both at epidemic levels.

A logical question for Westerners might be "then why the heck don't they do something about it and overthrow the clerics!"

After enarly 30-years of mental and physical battery a henpecked husband or a battered wife does not have the spiritual wherewithal to oppose their spouse without external invervention.

Cowed into submission by mind-boggling, ruthless spiritual and physical abuse rising as often as not to being executed, tortured - at best - and the shame of intentionlly intended raped family members (of both sexes) to discourage men and women from repeat performances by law enforcement agents, an uprising requires more mental fortitude than the populace can muster -- without external encouragement, support and instigation. Currently, submissive suicides, show the extent of misery. (Note: worldwide disapproval of the Mullahs was reflected at the Olympics in China, when the islamic iranian sports team and attending officials were roundly booed by the spectators). By contrast, in Iran, some fervent pro-Mullah, pro-Revolution proponents, such as women driving the green checkered cabs, designated as "for women" though they also often take male passengers, sweat and suffer from the heat in their heavy, black Islamic robes and sometimes burkha type head coverings, proudly saying they are revolutionaries and as such will put up with every discomfort their actions have brought about for everyone. Meanwhuile, women passengers very often steal the day's take from male taxi drivers by asking to be driven to some distant or remote location and then extorting money by threatening to cry rape or even simply inappropriate, unislamic touching by the driver. One notorious woman has found her own way to earn a living, which she could not otherwise easily do in the chauvinistic, male society of islamic iran. In one area of Tehran, often called the Seven Pools, where heavily made up. absurdly coiffed, weirdly dressed, transvestite gays congregate (no gays in Iran, right!) and female prostitutes, too, gold and jewelry stores have sprung up all around to service these "trades" and the rubber neckers who come to watch the spectacle. (Shades of London's Kings road in former years). Staking out and identifying good victims, the attractive enough woman would visit a chosen store, offer herself to the owner on the basis of having no husband to allay her sexual needs and persuading the mark to close the shutters and have sex with her in the back. Reports all indicate she asks the victims to start by suckling her breasts. The next thing they know is waking up from the drugged sleep induced by what she has smeared on her nipples, buck naked, all clothing removed from the premises and all their inventory gone! They then have to decide how to explain any of this "unislamic" behavior to the authorities or to their famiies and generally prefer to pretend they were robbed by armed crooks. Leaving the real female thief unidentified and undescribed and thus "safe". In the meantime please visit the beautfilly presented Royalist site of former Persian General Akhass, which has many videos and links to anti-mullah articles in English and Farsi. The site is a repository of information about Iran and the monarchy. Well worth lots of browsing.


hass said...

yeah, that's what we need. more tehrangelisis yakking empty talk.

Debbie said...

That's very interesting information. Thanks for sharing.

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