Saturday, August 02, 2008


Wherefore wouldest thou change your religion, before the storming hordes of asses, who deservest no palm leaves being waved, when the lead ass won't wear the flag of Rome in his lapel of his tunic.
No man dare follow this one, who was born of ass, not woman, for they preached and coveted that of the black doom upon the earth and brought on high cost of medicine aid to the lepers and others who partook of the serpents blasphemy and forked tongue.
Ye who follows the false prophet of the Pharisee Wright, will bring upon the land a multitude of bad fortune to the rich and the merchant, who provides jobs for the poor and family bearers.
You must smite off his ear, and your own ear, so that you will not listen to the gibberish of mad men on the desert plane, who desire to bring catastrophe to all who follow and listen.
Beware there are many false prophets, who will rise up and only those struck dumb by his serpent mouth, will be left, when the winds blow over the waste that is left from the hordes of asses and the multitude of serpents, who follow such gibberish. The Prophet of Mohammad Bin You Know Who

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