Saturday, September 06, 2008


IN HIS OWN WORDS Obama describes in this video, how he will dismantle our defences and make us MORE vulnerable to our enemies. Terrorists or the Russians, or internal versions and Communists, who are gearing up to take advanage of his becoming "Terrorist in Chief" and embedded mole for Iran and other anti-American organizations - both inside and outside the USA. Obama needs to also answer/respond to the following, or voters need not and WILL NOT vote for him in 60+ days: *His Columbia Thesis paper (He says he can’t find it) *His Harvard College records (have been sealed) *His Selective Service Registration (not releasing it at all) *His actual medical records (NOT his personal MD giving a statement to the press saying Obama is fit) •His Illinois State Senate records (He claims he did NOT keep records??? ) •His Illinois State Senate schedule (He says they are lost) *His Law practice client list (not available) *A Certified Copy of his original Birth certificate the elongated form that shows MD signature and official seal (a COLB will not suffice) *Any and all Harvard Law Review articles that were published (Says he never wrote anything as the PRESIDENT of Harvard Law Review, but what about BEFORE) *His University of Chicago scholarly articles (Claims he can’t locate any) *His Record of baptism (Says he has no record of this event) *List of names, addresses and people connected with him during his time in New York *His passport information regarding his Pakistan trip when he was 18 or 20 years of age AND HIS TIES TO: (Do A Google search if you do not recognize these very prominent/notorious names) Khalid al-Mansour a.k.a. Don Warden Tony Rezko Bernadette Dohrn William Ayers Michael Phleger black pather party Malik Zulu Shabazz Frank Marshall Davis Saul Alinsky David Axelrod Louis Farrakhan Rev. Jeremiah Wright Mazen Asbahi George Soros Percy Sutton

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