Sunday, September 28, 2008


Obama Offices Different, Separate and Apart from Democrat Party Offices. Does Obama Campaign Not Trust the Democrats? Or is it the Clintons? Will Election 2008 be remembered as the first contest between Republicans and Obamacrats–or the first between the Obamacrats and the Democrats? Senator Barack Obama is building a national organization separate and apart from the national Democrat Party apparatus–at least in any state where the outcome of the November election is at all in doubt. In state after state, the Obama campaign, in a break with tradition, has opened up its own offices–which largely push Barack Obama, and only Obama–apart from the Democrat Party’s own offices in those very same communities. Obama has, literally, hundreds of these offices dotting the USA.

In Ohio, seventy Obama Campaign for Change Regional Offices–all of them separate and apart from the Democrat Party. In Pennsylvania, sixty-three Campaign for Change offices. The list goes on:

Virginia, over forty offices; Georgia, thirty-eight; North Carolina, thirty-six; Indiana, thirty-two; Colorado, thirty; Iowa, twenty-three; Minnesota, twelve; West Virginia, six. In states where the outcome is already pretty much decided, Campaign for Change operates few offices: one in Texas and California, for example. Does Obama Trust the Democrats? Do the Democrats Trust Obama? The Campaign for Change offices push one product: Barack Obama. Alan Note: not Democratic party principles, not Democratic policies and not the aims of the average Democrat but rather the socialist/marxist far left ideology of Soros, with more and more indication appearing that he has provided a slush fund to create these "Obama only" offices. In our weekend visit to Obama offices, we found that local and state Democrat candidates did have a presence at the Campaign for Change offices–but not much of one. Almost all of the usual campaign giveaways were there: pencils, literature, stickers. They were all on a small table in the back of the room. Obama is a nationalist socialist/MARXIST fascist. Along the lines of Mussolini, For those Obama suporters too young to remember or have read about Mussolini na dhis Brown Sirts, look him up and see how closely his attitudes resemble Obama. He has very little in common with the Dem Party, which is now inoperative since the Denver Convention. If Obama wins this election, the Dem Party is DEAD. There will be no place for "Party Unity My Ass", the likes of Joe Leiberman, or even genuine communists like Senator Bernie Sanders. As events unfold, more and more Americans are beginning to realize this fact. The MSM is helping this happen, by putting out the fascist KOOLAID to America. These fascists just made a run at our economic system, and BUSH called them on it, but the fact is that we need to make more political hay on that fact. Acorn workers are indicted in 12 states for voter registration fraud, Acorn's Attorney of Record is someone called Barack Hussein Obama. Yet none of this is talked about in the MSM. Obama has a lot of power already, has stifled the media, is trying to stifle the NRA, trying to stifle free spech in Missouri, and in Michigan and Obama's campaign conduct is not yet an issue.


Anonymous said...

More then the Dem Party is dead fs Obama is elected.

Kool-Aid'08is a brutal drink.

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