Monday, September 15, 2008


The progressive rise of Obama'nation' Fri, 12 Sep 2008 By Luke Manzarpour, Press TV, Tehran, Iran Alan Note: the article below, in praise of Obama, opens with a crticism of Bush and America, then gets to the wonders of the Obama 'nation' Presidency and how he will help the Islamic world. Then seems to launch an attack on him as still part of the Great Satan America,

Barack the Brave

America now seeks to reinvent itself to once again align public and world opinion with its ideological role of grand bestower of justice, humanitarian crusader and land of opportunity for all.

Step up Barack Obama: young(ish) and youth aware; black(ish); charming and affable; happily married with blandly perfect children; from humble beginnings - a true testament to the American Dream and just the ticket to "renew American leadership in the world."

Obama has successfully wooed progressive types with his message of "change", going beyond the 'lesser of two evils' mantle to be considered a genuinely positive candidate in his own right.

While acknowledging certain limitations, a left clutching for hope sees in him the ability to provide something of that for which more radical means have been fighting a losing battle.

Progressive (Marxist) opinion lauds his willingness to meet with presidents Ahmadinejad and Chavez, his distancing from the jingoism and militarism of George W. Bush and John McCain, even his novel ethnicity. IRANIAN PRESS TV for full article CLICK HERE