Sunday, September 21, 2008


Obama claims lack of sleep for his inability to make a coherent speech! As if a president or commander-in-chief in a crisis can get enough sleep. Or has a teleprompter if he gets a call at 3 a.m. with what to say! We all have sleepless nights but don't have to make world level decisions and his stumbling and bumbliing, semi-coherent words show that if he is a bit tired and doesn't have a preset script he could be lost. Do you really think you and your family will be safe with "call me back when I'm ready for you" man who cannot function without enough sleep? Who has clearly never been a soldier or any part of the military?

The only kind of war he can wage is against women. Hillary and Sarah! And use his Media allies to destroy decent people. While he chats with his favorite Communist allies and islamic preverted murderers like Ahmadi-Nejad.

Sarah Palin attracted over 50,000 people at the Villages in Florida today. Twenty thousand tickets for inside the venue and about double that listening outside behind the fence.

He yells in confrontation at another woman, an elderly Iowa voter!

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