Sunday, October 19, 2008


Written by Alan Peters who has been there, done that and seen what an almost parallel situation in Iran had as a result and what America can expect from an Obama presidency in the back drop of how Khomeini functioned using similar recipes to implement his will on the people. Some Iranians have commented how Obama's eyes resemble those of Khomeini. Others, who have lost their country to Khomeini and live in exile, appear to be ready to repeat their first mistake and vote for America's Khomeini. Greatly influenced by Mullah funded promotional and advertising efforts around the USA. What is disheartening is not that Obama is ahead in the polls but that even if McCain wins, he will probably have to fight a Democrat controlled, filibuster proof Congress that can create mind boggling new laws and override any presidential vetoes. Worse is that Obama will have this added power behind him and a free hand to implement the most radical and harmful to America policies in his mindsets. Marxist-ideology mentored and Islamic-jihad influenced Obama has become America's secular Khomeini, intent on implementing his radical and carelessly destructive policies which will kill America as did Khomeini with Iran, when he turned it into an islamic republic. Similar to Khomeini, Obama has put together a cart and pony show of "popular support" by drawing crowds of significant numbers to represent his "messianic movement".
Moslem activist Farrakhan has added to this Messia image by calling Obama just that.
As did Khomeini, Obama uses "bribery" to attract followers. In Germany for Obama, it was live performances of very popular musicians to draw crowds.
After seeing that few were willing to gather in the streets on his behalf, Khomeini successfully began offering a sandwich with money inside the wrapper to draw supporters into the streets, where they had to be to receive the food and cash gift. Obama offers tax cuts to those who do not pay taxes - thus a "refund check" in money that was never paid to begin with (welfare, spreading of wealth). Khomeini offered free houses, free utilities, free phone service, a free car, a free refrigerator and a free color TV etc., etc. to anyone who would support his movement. In his own way, within American parameters, Obama offers something like that: drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, a fictitious 95% tax break (including to 40% who have no tax liabilities) to all Americans except those making $250,000 , special cheap housing he supported via Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac and perceived relief from living costs by a redistribution of wealth, taking from the "so-called" rich and giving it to the "poor". Another significant similarity is that neither Obama nor Khomeini have a claim to being a citizen of the country they destroyed or with Obama, is about to destroy. In Khomeini's case he did not have a single drop of Persian/Iranian blood in his veins. On TECHNICALITY, Obama has yet to show any verifiable document that he is not Kenyan/Indonesian by nationality rather than a U.S. :natural born" citizen as required by law to become presdient.
Who Khomeini really was CLICK HERE Another similarity: both Khomeini and Obama could not possibly fund or implement their rather wild promises and Obama will fail to protect America's middle class. Plus both relied or rely on ignorant masses. Credulous supporters of Khomeini were shown the moon through toy plastic telescopes with a transparancy of Khomeini's face stuck on the large end, to prove that Allah so favored Khomeini that he put his image on the moon. Credulous Harlem Obama supporters were questioned about Obama's policies and strongly approved them - though the ones they were given were NOT Obama's but McCain's and they had no clue fo rwhat they were voing. Harlem Obama supporters opine CLICK HERE Just as Khomeini used Islam as his rallying theme with Soviet operated Marxists in support of his revolt (islamic-marxists), Obama uses Marxist tactics and stategy with strong support from islamic jihadists more in line with the Marxist-Islamic label applied to Khomeini . Both promote fallacious gripes against the incumbent government. Khomeini adopted political friction between the Tudeh Party (Communists) and left wing Jeppeh Melli Party, plus Confederation of Students, which consisted as much of liberal students and former Prime Minister Mossadegh supporters as any valid political dissent along democratic lines. Remember, Mossadegh was a senior family member of the former Qajar dynasty that the Pahlavis overturned for allowing the country to disintegrate into tribal regions and foreign influences. The late Shah was temporarily overthrown by Mossadegh, who immediately promised Iran's oil and a pathway to warm waters of the Pesian Gulf to the Soviets if they supported him. Little wonder the CIA restored the Shah to his throne. Nowadays, Obama's mindsets and philosophies are equally bad for America and the Western world. He intends close talks - without any precodnitions - with Communist leaders and Islamic jihadists and islamic governments. Meanwhile the former Marxist/Communist opponents of the late Shah admit today they insisted on political freedoms to be able to be able to implement "foreign" imported philosophies (Soviet) and not for the Iranian populace in general. Obama ties the current financial collapse around Bush and Republican necks, whereas video after video shows Democrats resisting, opposong and blocking bills to control and monitor runaway Fannie mae and Freddie Mac.



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