Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Arkansas Homicide - in depth look at the many, many deaths around the Clintons over time. Must Read CLICK ON TITLE/SUBJECT ABOVE And worry about Obama? Actually this could be a film scenario HAPPENING IN REAL LIFE Biden resigns in October and is replaced by Hillary. Obama wins the presidency BUT is found to be INELIGIBLE as he is NOT a natural born American citizen as required (apparently true and he may formally be an Indonesian) and is disqualifeid or suspended pending...... Hillary becomes acting President. She pickw Huma Abedin, her Girl Friday and top Al Qaeda insert in the USA as her Vice President. Or: The Obama disqualification takes too long and Arkancide kicks in and he "leaves the stage". So tempting to write a movie script along those lines - if you can shake off the fear of being Arkancided!

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