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Obama-Saudi Story:

Thursday, October 09, 2008 by China Confidential

McCain Camp Divided Over Obama-Saudi Story

Dateline USA....

China Confidential has learned that the McCain campaign is deeply divided over the explosive issue of how to deal with Barack Hussein Obama's ties to Muslim extremists.

The campaign has unearthed evidence that could conceivably win the election for the Republican candidate, who is trailing his Democratic opponent in the most recent opinion polls.

With just over three weeks remaining before election day, some McCain strategists want to release the politically potent information while there is still time to influence independent and undecided voters. But other strategists seem determined to bury the dirt on Obama for the same reason that President George Bush declared war on "terror" instead of on Radical Islam after 9/11--fear of angering Saudi Arabia because of US dependence on the kingdom's almighty oil and oil-dollars.

Petropower and Petrodollars

About 11% of US oil imports come from Saudi Arabia, the dysfunctional, extended family business that gave the world Osama Binladen and nearly all the 9/11 hijackers. Although Saudi Arabia, seven years after 9/11, continues to export Islamist hatred and sponsor construction of pro-Islamist mosques and Islamic centers across the world in order to placate domestic religious fanatics, it has also played a relatively moderate role in OPEC by countering attempts by Iran and Venezuela to politicize the oil-producing cartel.

Saudi Arabia and other oil producing nations hold nearly $180 billion of US Treasury securities; and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and other Bush administration officials are counting on the Saudis to buy more T-bills to help finance the $700 billion Wall Street bailout package.

With the above in mind, administration surrogates have appealed to McCain to avoid "dragging Saudi Arabia and Islam into the mix," according to a campaign source.

The Manchurian/Mansourian Candidate

The Obama-Saudi story recalls The Manchurian Candidate. Click here and here to read Ken Timmerman's two-part series in Newsmax.

As Timmerman reported, the notorious Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour, a black American convert to Islam who is an adviser to a Saudi prince, apparently befriended Obama when he was an undergraduate student at Columbia University and helped the future Presidential candidate to gain admission to Harvard Law School. Mansour may have also supported Obama financially during and after his student years.

Long known in the black community for his fanatic hatred of Christians and Jews, the Texas-born Mansour briefly advised the Black Panther Party back in the 1960s, when he was known as Donald Warden. His venomous, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, anti-American videos are widely distributed in black nationalist circles and are available for viewing on YouTube.

He is the author of 24 books and has been a Harvard University guest lecturer. His 1995 book, The Lost Books of Africa Rediscovered, accused the US of plotting genocide against black Americans.

Click here to read Jack Cashill's investigative article, "The Mansourian Candidate."

Cashill speculates that Mansour was the brains and money behind Obama's best selling memoir, Dreams From My Father. The Muslim supremacist may have hired Obama's ghost writer.

The suspected relationship between Obama and Mansour appears to foreshadow Obama's close relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the controversial Black Liberation minister who "spiritually advised" Obama for 20 years until the candidate was pressured into denouncing him after videos of the dashiki-clad pastor's post-9/11 sermon surfaced on YouTube. Only five days after the Islamist mega-attacks--the worst-ever attacks on US soil--Wright blamed and "damned" the US for the atrocities.

The Saudi Prince and His Many Projects

Mansour's Saudi client is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al-Saud. Forbes ranks him as the world's 19th richest person, with a net worth of $21 billion.

In 2001, he offered New York City a donation of $10 million towards relief efforts after the 9/11 attacks. The donation was rejected by Mayor Rudy Giuliani because Alwaleed, echoing Reverand Wright's position, suggested that the attacks were an indication that the United States "should re-examine its policies in the Middle East and adopt a more balanced stand toward the Palestinian cause."

Since 9/11, Alwaleed has donated millions of dollars to Harvard to fund Islamic studies programs. He has also spent over $40 million on an astonishingly audacious indoctrination campaign that aims to teach US public school students world history from a Saudi point of view. His K-12 text books, which are used in all 50 states--but are also banned by many school districts--include the wild claims that Muslims discovered America, and that Jerusalem is "an Arab city." Click here to read the shocking story (which should also help to focus attention on the so-called school reform--i.e. political indoctrination--efforts of former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, in whose home Obama's political career was hatched).

Although Alwaleed has bailed out Citicorp on a couple of occasions--most recently by helping in its recapitalization earlier this year--he has steered clear of coming to the aid of Wall Street during the current financial crisis. Some analysts suspect he is also reluctant to buy more Treasury securities.

POSTSCRIPT: The McCain campaign is also bitterly divided over the issue of permissible use of Obama's Arabic middle name, Hussein, as the Obama-mainstream media thought police have essentially forbidden the practice. It is also forbidden by the Obama campaign and the adoring media to point out that the anointed Candidate of Change was born a Muslim according to Islamic religious law, which traces religious identity through one's father, or that Obama practiced and studied Islam as a child in Indonesia, where his Indonesian stepfather, a practicing Muslim named Lolo Soetoro, registered Obama for school--as Barry Soetoro--listing Obama's religion as Muslim and his citizenship as Indonesian. This reporter could go on and on; the file of forbidden knowledge about the Mysterious Mr. Obama is ever-thickening.

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