Sunday, October 19, 2008


Spreading the wealth as per the Obamas! Everyone has to give up something so Michelle can sign receipts like this one..... those I choose can profit and eat lobster and caviar like the Fannie Mae and Fredie Mac bosses Iwe kept in place and made tens of millions ..... but you who worked for it CANNOT.....!! eat2 click here for Lobster


JD said...

I call bullshit...this is a Photoshop job. The two sigs are identical.

Cassie said...

not true:

Alan Peters said...


signatures that are just normal handwriting instead of stylized applications can and will look exactly the same, so that is not a valid contention, even when stylized signatures, mine included rarely look alike.

meanwhile, Cassie,

I followed your link and while it looks on the surface that it is being denied, I have seen many intimidation efforts by pro-Obama adherents, including threats of law suits, and misdirection. Michelle may not have stayed at the Waldorf there that time, her husband apparently has, so it could be a "misplaced" location but still the truth.

It is a matter of opinion which is what Blogs are.

Anonymous said...

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