Tuesday, October 21, 2008



meanwhile also read:

CNN (Live Television) October 21, 2008 A news anchor on CNN just interviewed Kenneth M. Perdue, President of the West Virginia chapter of the powerful union, the AFL-CIO. (The AFL BTW is related to SEIU local 100 which is an ACORN subsidiary.
ACORN and SEIU local 100 were both founded by Wade Rathke.) Perdue was being interviewed because he has been giving speeches around WV telling WV voters to vote for Obama BECAUSE he's black, NOT WHITE like Bush and the rest of the politicians in Washington that have screwed up America's economy etc. so badly of late.
Perdue further stated that WV voters are well aware that they themselves are INBRED RACISTS, but they must go against their heritage and vote for Obama.
When interviewed by the incredulous CNN anchor who quoted Perdue's own words back to him, Perdue openly admitted that he had said all of these things and he agreed that his comments were indeed RACIST, but if that is what it takes to help Obama win the Presidency, so be it.