Monday, October 13, 2008


Polls Show Obama or McCain is Winning By Steven Warshawsky Two months ago I argued in these pages that Barack Obama will not win this year's presidential election. My prediction was based on essential factors about Obama himself -- his inexperience, his tax-and-spend liberalism, his history of race consciousness -- that make him an unacceptable choice to lead the nation in this time of difficult foreign and domestic challenges. I remain convinced that, on Election Day, most American voters will refuse to pull the lever for a candidate who falls so far outside the political and cultural mainstream of the country. While hardly a compelling candidate himself, John McCain offers the American people more experience, a proven track record of legislative and diplomatic leadership (albeit one that does not lack controversy), and an unquestioned history of patriotism and service to the country. These qualities matter greatly to voters. McCain said it well at the end of this week's town hall debate: "When times are tough, we need a steady hand at the tiller, and the great honor of my life was to always put my country first." This is a winning message. Despite running a mostly lackluster campaign, McCain remains the better candidate to serve as the next President of the United States. FULL STORY & POLL COMPARISONS click here

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