Sunday, October 12, 2008


The (late) Italian reporter Oriana Fallaci asked Winston Churchill: "Mr. Prime Minister, why have you gone to the far ends of the world to India to install a hand picked, colonial East India government , but fail to do this on your own doorstep in Ireland which has created war and conflict for you?" After a pause, Churchill replied: "Because I do not have two essential tools in Ireland to achieve this". Fallaci asked: "what might those be?" Churchill: "an ignorant majority and a traiterous minority." Alan note: these exist in spades - Democrat Leftists and obamosamaists in the USA and Mullahs in islamic iran . FARSI اوریانا فالاچی روزنامه نگار برجسته ایتالیائی ، از وینستون چرچیل سئوال میکند ، آقای نخست وزیر شما چرا بر ی ایجاد یک دولت استعماری و دست نشانده به آنسوی اقیانوس هند میروید و دولت هند شرقی را بوجود می آورید ، اما این کار را در بیخ گوشتان یعنی در کشور ایرلند که سالهاست با شما در جنگ وستیز است نمیتوانید انجام بدهید ؟ وینستون چرچیل بعد از اندکی تامل پاسخ میدهد برای انجام این کار به دو ابزار مهم احتیاج داریم که آن دو ابزار را در ایرلند در اختیار نداریم . روزنامه نگار میپرسد . آن دو ابزار چیست ؟ چرچیل پاسخ میدهد : اکثریت نادان ، و اقلیت خائن . Paraphrase and additional comment of Persian text below: Basically, president Ahmadi-Nejad's Minister of Interior, Ali Kordan, a very important position in the islamic republic, had claimed to have a Doctorate degree from the prestigious Oxford University in England. When English spelling errors were found in the "official" Certificate, he tried to brush it off as an Honorary Degree, only to face a forceful denial from Oxford, which said they had never heard of Kordan! Let alone issued him anything. He was then asked to produce ANY schooling certificate AND has now caused the islamic parliament to issue a requirement that all government high rank positions must produce and have their educational diplomas confirmed and certified. Forced by all this to resign his position, he sent his boss Ahmadi-Nejad a four line resignation letter, which has mis-spelled the word "agha" (mister) and has turned it into the similar salutation/reference used to address females. With the low value of women in islamic iran, where their word is only worth half the word of a man and islamic reparation for a man's loss of one testicle far exceeds that for the loss/death of a woman, this misgendering could be considered an insult. Until you look at the handwriting and wording and scratching out, which would be at best that of a second or third grader of a primary school. Then you realize this "doctor" from Oxford is barely literate let alone educated. What so many fail to realize, even inside the country, is that clerics as a whole, have almost no schooling beyond learning to recite the Koran by rote and often only a few middle school grades. And the choice of those called to serve in the islamic republic in the highest of postions is not based on their experience or education but by nepotism. Remember, Supreme Ruler Ali Khamenei, used to be an uninvited, clerical beggar, asking for alms from funeral processions in Mashhad cemeteries, in return for some mumbled or loud prayers, where he did not know who was being buried and the relatives thought of him as a nuisance among several others who plied the same "trade".
A copy of the resignation letter is posted below for those who know Farsi or even Arabic writing and can see how rudimentary it is. بعرض خوانندگان میرساند که علی کردان؛ ادعا کرده بود که از دانشگاه معروف آکسفورد انگلیس دارای مدرک دکترا است ( البته دکتری افتخاری ) حتی در همان ادعا نامه هم دو غلط املائی و انشائی داشت . ضمنأ این ادعا بلافاصله از طرف دانشگاه آکسفورد تکذیب و اعلام گردید چنین شخصی هرگز به این دانشگاه قدم نگذاشته و حتی او را نمی شناسند. این دکتر قلابی استعفا نامه خود را بشکل زیر تقدیم داشته که خود معرفی نامه خوبی از میزان سواد و آگاهی و شعور است و چون در فارسی آغا ( با غ ) به زن اطلاق میشود و مرد آقا ( با ق) است و از آنجا که زن در جمهوری اسلامی موجود بی ارزشی است و حتی باندازه تخم چپ مرد از نظر غرامت ارزش ندارد ؛ بدینوسیله توهین بزرگی به رئیس خود احمدی نژاد کرده یعنی بدرستی نشان داده که این رئیس هیچ ارزشی ندارد.
Photocopy of Letter

Ali Kordan