Thursday, November 20, 2008


Defying the U.N. Security Council, Iran has continued to both enrich uranium and expand its capacity to process even more material, the International Atomic Energy Agency disclosed today. This thought has not yet hit the radar screen. The new nuclear material made by Iran - “enough for one bomb”, could in fact POTENTIALLY revitalize the degraded nuclear fuel of anywhere from eight to a dozen nuclear warheads islamic Iran already had on hand, some in nose cones engineered/provided by North Korea on Shahab missiles. Those can be deployed with far more overall damage than just one “fully charged” nuke. So to speak. We now wait for the other shoe to eventually drop. Not if but when. Unless Israel “removes the shoe” while Bush is still around. Obama won’t and won’t allow it. Perfect example of a rock and hard place for everyone involved and many of those around them.

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