Sunday, November 02, 2008


A strike on the islamic Turd's nuclear facilities in Iran - by anyone - invites a long standing, preplanned retaliaton, both regionally (Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other targets across the Persian Gulf) and CIVILIAN, not necessarily American related targets in Europe and the USA.

The other caveat our and Israeli planners have to add to their counter-strategy must include priority destruction of the naval bases Imanutjob is building up and down the Iranian side of the Persian Gulf, aimed at interdicting passage of oil.

The clerics have also built VERY long reinforced tunnels to prevent their underground nuclear facilities becoming unreachable by bombs burying access. More than one entrance/exit runs miles away and usually within a densely populated, low income neighborood, where local support can be counted on to keep quiet. “For instance, inside a small barber shop in Sarcheshmeh, a very poor neighborhood of southern Tehran, Iran, there's a curtain hiding the door behind it.

Door to a closet, a small room or what?

Open that door and.... woah!! TOP SECRET!

You access a Mullah communications center with some 2,000 computers and stations in what could best be described as a huge continuous “warehouse”.

Low income type houses all around have been hollowed out with their original structures retained for disguise.

Loyalty of the poor neighbors can be bought easily for a pittance and a few arrests, and rapes and tortures also easily discourage any less cooperative ones.

A look at various rooftops evidences strategically placed snipers controlling access of the main street and alleys around the location.

An overt nearby military industrial center, there since the late Shah's time, explains any stringent controls in place to protect this secret location. while a barber shop explains some of the human traffic of people who come and go.

Simplistic but effective enough for an uneducated, very poor neighborhood populace.

To help accommodate the needed workers for the secret communication site and the nearby military complex, the Mullahs have announced several high rise buildings planned for the area.”

Back to bombing the Mullahs.

Perhaps the strongest deterrent to bombing the clerics, both politically and pragmatically, rests with the organized homicidal bombers in place throughout Europe, USA and in semi-autonomous Jihadist groups in Moslem nations, ready to hit soft, generally civilian targets. Plus embassies and NGO offices.

Plus VIDEO'd kidnap, torture and killing of non-Moslems, specially Western tourists. All acceptable under Moslem sharia (religious) law.

When Islam can respond to a 13-year old Somali girl's reporting a multiple rape by three men by condemning her to being stoned to death and carrying this out, while ignoring the men who did the crime, you can expect indiscriminate savagery against the innocents of the West.

There are an estimated 40,000 dangerous suiciders and terrorist sleepers with specific designated areas of general destructive operations, such as suicide or concealed remote controlled bombs in our malls or at locations where there are crowds.

And IEDs (Indeterminate Explosive Devices) on our freeways, preferably during crawling rush hour traffic.

Am I trying to discourage you and everyone else from bombing Iran? Making the very real consequences so dreadful as to make doing so the last thing to do?

Oh! I forgot to add that the Mullah nuclear sites and access locations are mostly under highly populated towns, so estimated collateral damage of innocent civilians killed range from a low of 50,000 persons to even higher.

Now are you convinced? DON'T EVEN THINK IT!

The alternative to all this death and mayhem, which can be counted at worst in the tens of thousands of casualties will be death of many hundreds of thousands, more probably millions, if the clerics achieve their technology to build nuclear weapons and do so.

At least three million of the six or so million Israelis in the central population corridor will end up dead, just for openers.

Retaliation by the West will probably kill an equal number of the population in islamic Iran.

Ensuing back and forth conflict between Jihadists and Islamists in Pakistan, for one example, and the West after the Mullahs use a nuclear or biological or EMP weapon and set the world ablaze will kill hundreds of thousands more all over the world.

Sudden proliferation of dirty nuclear bombs will make many parts of countries unlivable and the strife and conflicts will certainly destroy economies, making life for those not dead hardly bearable.

So, as I said, DO NOT EVEN THINK about NOT destroyng the Mullah nuclear capabilities. It is takes bombing, so be it.

We've tried talking to them for over a generation without any positive results.

Obama and his followers may believe he is the Messiah and can mesmerize Ahmadi-Nejad the Turd or former beggar for handouts, cleric Ali Khamenei, now Supreme Ruler of the blood thirsty regime in islamic Iran to miraculously stop their path to global power but his oratory gets him nothing.

His recent secret meeting with an Islamic Republic of Iran nuclear representative in a Los Angeles restaurant, by proxy through a senior aide, requires suspension of credibility when the Iranian promised to not harm Israel as long as Obama ignored Iran's nuclear program.

An inaction already signalled to the world by Obama, which will end up in the armageddon noted above.

Vote for anyone but Obama. VOTE FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY'S SURVIVAL. You, not Obama, will suffer from your mistake here.

He can disappear to Kenya where his millions, demographics and geographical distance from the devastation he has triggered/unleashed on the civilized Western world will allow him and his family to survive - while yours may not.


Beema said...

I can only say thank you for what you are trying to do, and express my deep, so deep, sadness at the tragic way in which another poor soul has lost his life to these barbaric people. I wish the world would wake up to what is going on in Iran because they should fear these religious bigots who can crucify a man on a stake and then clap. I feel bereft for this man and can say no more, except that I hope millions in the West find your blog.

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