Thursday, November 13, 2008


Alan note:

Reports from inside Iran indicate that increasingly the general populace is coming out in support of Reza Pahlavi, the late Shah's son and heir apparent to the Peacock Throne.

With Reza Shah (the Great), his necessarily violent grandfather and founder of the dynasty, which pulled the country together from the splintering permitted by the weak, preceding Qajar dynasty carrying the same name, the "young Shah" is being called Reza Shah II by his followers.

As unbelievable inflation, unbearable high prices and the very understated details of social and financial challenges inside islamic iran, mentioned in the Open Letter addressed to the British, result in the populace reaching the limits of its tolerance for misery, a new yearning for a return of the monarchy has come about.

In America, where the young Shah lives, surrounded by an eclectic and not always politically reliable monarchist entourage, an amalgamation of various competing and disparate political views have coalesced into a new support group, promoting a return of the monarchy.

With some among Reza Pahlavi's close companions leaking information to the Mullahs, the news of a growing opposition coalition has instilled some fear in the ruling clerical regime.

Along with the threat of Israel not waiting for Obama to be sworn in and interfering with a plan to bomb the islamic regime, the clerics' fear has led to anti-civilian exercises by suppression forces with around 30,000 Bassiji and other security operatives practising crowd control and anti-uprising manouvers in Tehran.

In several cities, the "unthinkable" has been happening. Posters of Reza Pahlavi have begun mushrooming up on walls in various neighborhoods. An action which faces torture and death if the monarchist is seen and caught.

The young Dauphin has also begun to take a more active part in the expatriate community and expanding his contacts with the Iranian antimullah but splintered and politically conflicting diaspora.

His efforts are beginning to bring strongly opposing mindsets to the realization that none of them have the manpower to act alone and later have little or no chance of working together without a catalystic Monarchy to act as an umbrella umpire.

And have the Monarch become the King/Emperor of all Iranians instead of just the ones he favors philosophically or vice-versa.

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euarte said...

I hope this is true. After the fall of the Mulah (may God forgive them) constitutional Monarchy is the only logical answer. It would be wise for the Monarchist to keep a wary eye on the US government. It has a distaste for monarchy and will try to interfere even though monarchy is in their interest.