Saturday, November 22, 2008


SOMEBODY ASKED ABOUT THE INDONESIAN FACET OF THE OBAMA CONTROVERSY IN SIMPLIFIED FORM. DURING WRITING A COMMENTARY, WHAT EMERGED WAS AN ALMOST GOTHIC SADNESS ABOUT THE CARDS OBAMA WAS DEALT BY LIFE AND HAD TO PLAY. AND NOW CONTINUES TO PLAY BUT WITH THE SYMPATHY, SADNESS BEING REPLACED BY FEAR OF WHAT HIS MINDSETS AND NARROWING OPTIONS WILL FORCE AS HIS NEW PATH. Indonesian Aspect Simplified/Editorialized Obama’s mother remarried an Indonesian Moslem named Soetero. They moved to Indonesia. Obama was registered as a student in an Indonesian school - with his religion shown as Moslem Indonesia did not ALLOW foreigners to enroll in their schools, indicating Obama had to have been an Indoneian national at the time. Apparently because his step father Soetero adopted him and gave him Indonesian status. At some point in time later, Obama - apparently named Barry Soetero - returns to Hawaii where he lives with his maternal grandmother. He moves to New York and lives in a drug infested neighborhood, Around 1981 he travels to Pakistan (and may have made several trips later with some inference that he was a drug mule). The MOST IMPORTANT part here is not the drugs but the fact that holders of USA passports were not alllowed to travel to Pakistan in that time period and would have been turned back in Pakistan. His mother was also there at that time so may have also travelled on a non-USA passport - her own Indonesian one. However, he used his INDONESIAN passport to go back and forth to Pakistan, where it was readily accepted. Since Indonesia did not accept dual nationality (till about a few years ago) Obama’s use AT ADULTHOOD of an Indonesian passport is itself a repudiation of any American citizenship he may have falsely claimed. Including to receive reduced fees to enroll at Columbia as an African-American minority. In reality Obama is NOT African anything minority since his father, while a Kenyan national was an ARAB not an “African” by BLOOD. His blood mixture does NOT qualify according to U.S. Federal rules as a minority African-American as his African blood (through a maternal grand mother) does not reach the required 12.5% African blood in his veins. He has just under 7% African bloodline. His blood is 50% white mother, 43.25 % Arab father and 6.75% African. Around this time period he also enrolled at Columbia university and has hidden and lost records so that it is not clear if he registered as a foreign student, or falsely as an African-American while he actually had Indonesian nationality. As per his passport. He cannot produce proof of his registration for at that time compulsory registration for Military Service (Draft) and here too may have used his Indonesian nationality to avoid the AMERICAN draft. Search of records to find this registration has come up empty, implying he never registered. While kind hearts may feel sorry and sympathize with this struggling youth trying to survive within the entangled web of his birth vagaries, for which he had no responsibility nor ability to change, leading to all this weaving and bobbing and current implications of ineligibility on his election to the position of president-elect, his foundational upbringing, mind sets and probability of becoming America’s version of Iran’s destructive Khomeini, puts even those kindest of hearts into strong fear and doubt mode. His current choice of cabinet and top posts to make up for his own lack of experience bodes for a contentious “clusterf**k” administration internally and his own hands-on attitude will probably end up in a forced expansion of dicatorial and controlling mind sets he already has toward the nation and he will increasingly enforce to control an out of hand management experience of a group who have little or no loyalty to him but deeply imbued with enormous self-serving interests of many kinds. The worst case scenario that could emerge in all these poisonous, swirling clouds of doubt and accusations is that Obama is in fact an ILLEGAL ALIEN according to our immigration laws. Don’t laugh. The framework of his unfortunate background as it is unfolding, could end with this eventual though sad conclusion. Talk about Constitutional Conflict and possible civil warfare in the offing. Little wonder he wants to build a million person Civil Security Force of brain washed Obamaoists. His fear is greater than ours.