Sunday, November 16, 2008


The man was ACTUALLY sentenced to 93 days in prison because he didn’t sit down quickly enough for the judge. See video below The judge entered the room and the man stood. The judge then told those in the room to be seated, at which point the man remained standing for a couple of seconds, looked behind him for his seat, then began to sit down. At this point his name was called so he stood up again. Upon doing this the judge started screaming at him to sit, so he did. Then the judge ordered him to be taken into custody and removed from the courtroom. The “trial” took place in a closed courtroom where the man was sentenced to 3 days for the original ticket he received, and 90 days for contempt of court. Kangaroo court all the way. The writer of the article below got it backwards. Except the miscarraige of justice with a vengeance! 90 days in prison for refusing to stand "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal" says the Declaration of Independence, a document that asserted freedom and triggered a war. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal" is a concept taught in American schools as a fundamental truth that all people are deserving of respect and life and prosperity. Why then is Ian Freeman in prison for the next 100 days? Because he refused to stand for his equal, another man. He refused to call him 'honor' and this upset the man calling himself "Judge". Ian Freeman, host of the internationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live and fellow Free State Project member appeared at court today in Keene, New Hampshire. As the owner of a property in Keene he has been charged with some sort of code violation for his tenants having a couch in the yard they rent from Ian. Several weeks ago a person claiming to be "an official" from "City of Keene" left a piece of paper demanding money and the removal of the couch. Ian met with the so-called official to ask if any of his neighbors had actually complained about the couch and was told that a female neighbor had filed a complaint. When Ian asked to speak with her, he was told that wouldn't happen.In the United States of America, there is a very basic right enshrined in the Constitution, the right to confront your accuser. I hold no reverence for this document - it's not anything I agree to or am party to - but supposedly the people calling themselves "government" have agreed to be bound by it. Ian presented the court officials with a response. He was not against removing the couch - a responsible neighbor takes note of the complaints of his neighbor. He just wanted to talk with the woman who filed the complaint, to find out what offended her about how his property was, and he'd then remove it if it still bothered her. A very adult-like thing to do.The court refused, and instead initiated a trial.Today, Ian appeared at their trial and intended only on calling the damaged person making a complaint against him. He never got that far, it seems. In keeping with the doctrine of "all men created equal", Ian Freeman refused to stand for the man called "Judge". It would be considered rude to refuse a hand extended to you in greeting, yet this man called "Judge" did not greet Ian by standing. Instead, he decided that Ian's refusal to stand was somehow and offense, and then proceeded to instruct some other men to arrest him. They ushered him off to a separate room for the supposed "trial". In addition to being able to confront your accuser, in America there's supposedly a right to a public trial. This is so the public can show outrage when the government people become overly aggressive and start hurting people. As is so common in New Hampshire, Ian did in fact have public support. Several liberty activists attended the government people's trial over this matter. Ian mentioned yesterday [MP3] that those attendees are a huge source of motivation and strength when confronting the aggressive government people, and today they made a very clear move to separate the public from the court railroading that would follow. In this private back room, the man called "Judge" convicted Ian of three counts of "contempt of court" (why shouldn't an ethical person be contemptuous of men using violence and threats to tell other men what they're allowed to store their property?) and sentenced him to 90 days in prison with fines with an additional 10 days in the cage for refusal to give the government people some of his money. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America. The government people own your property. They dictate to you what you can do on your own land. You no longer have to hurt someone to have the government people turn against and hurt you. You have no right to confront your accuser. There no longer need even be an accuser, no injured party. You have no right to a public trial. "We will use force against you" the government people are saying "if you don't obey us." Indeed, it wasn't even "obeying" they reacted to. No, the aggression they commit was triggered by what they perceive as an insult or as the man calling himself "Judge" said for "making a mockery of this proceeding".