Monday, November 24, 2008


Jimmuh the idiot Carter, self-proclaimed, hypocritical man of God and lay preacher has damaged America and the whole world more than can be imagined and is the source and creator of our terrorist problems to which he gave birth and has since fanned into flames on a regular basis. If there is anyone more Marxist than Obama and directly a traitor to our nation and to the principles of Democracy it is Jimmuh Carter, who still rubs shoulders and promotes the worst of Communist dictators and established oppressors of their nationals, like Castro, Chavez and other South American Marxist leaders. Even those closest to him have left his side for the lies he published in his own books and have refuted him. He now begs for alms (sizeable ones) from anti-Israel Arab nations and Communist sources. My own fear is that Obama will in some or many ways follow in Carter's footsteps and fail to confront Islamic Jihad and Communist midsets he has acquired over the years from friends and mentors and crash and burn the world, not just the USA. Does not help when MIchelle recently dresses up as a deadly Black Widow spider as the theme for her gown. Demands a total suspension of credibility for this to have been a coincidence. (Scroll down to the article with the photos). Anything else apart, Obama may have started out with ambitious good intentions but the way to hell is paved with those and Obama faces a national and global situation he neither has the experience nor the mind sets needed to resolve them. Khomeini had more hatred for Iran, a country of which he was not a true citizen either, (nor had a drop of Iranian blood in his veins), than Obama and Michelle combined but the parallel similarities of Obama's mindsets and weaknesses and Khomeini are striking and as threatening to the well being of our nation as Khomeini was to Iran. For selfish reasons of our survival, personal and societal, I hope Obama does NOT turn into the American Khomeini as my fears and doubts tend to picture him and pulls us out of our predicaments without turning us into a Socialist/Marxist society for which his past character builders have provided him with an advanced prediliction. Let us pray, commune or meditate with our higher beings on a positive outcome! video CARTER THE ARCHITECT OF ISLAMIC TERROR click here CARTER'S EXTORTION OF THE SHAH click here