Saturday, November 15, 2008


(Freeper - "Enterprise")
So you’re going to reorganize for 2010? And then in 2012, with a rejuvenated party you’re going to get behind Sarah Palin and make another run at the White House? Is that what you’re thinking? Well FORGET it! You’ve been checkmated and you will NEVER AGAIN see a Republican President! Here’s why and how! In 2010 ACORN will be funded to the tune of a couple of billion dollars. They will fan out across the nation to fix the elections via massive fraud. Lots more Mickey Mouse’s will register and vote. And by then, a sycophant Democrat A.G. will be appointed and the Federal Courts will be packed with sycophant judges. More Republican Senators and Republican House members will be defeated, giving a plus 60 advantage in the Senate and a much larger margin in the House. (already on the current horizon). You cry foul because the fraud is so obvious. “There’s cheating and fraud” you say to the Democrat A.G., “I don’t see any cheating and fraud” says” the A.G. “There’s cheating and fraud” you cry to the federal courts. “We don’t see any cheating and fraud” say the courts. (At this time, the Republican party can be officially announced as dead, and its spirit will be withdrawn by God.) And ACORN is busy busy busy electing Obama sympathetic State legislators. “Why?,” you ask? Read on. In 2012 you rally behind Sarah Palin. ACORN once again fans out across the nation and starts the massive voter registration fraud and voting booth fraud again. Only this time, they are assisted by tens of thousands of “volunteers” from the MILLION PERSON civilian defense organization. (The organization actually serves a multi purpose. It trains the people for national disasters, and it gives the administration 90 days to heavily indoctrinate people aged 18 - 25 into Obammunism. SEE VIDEO BELOW Also it provides lot of campaign workers and an endless supply of young female sex toys to the Obammunists in power, at all levels, and provides an endless supply of young males who will be harassed and intimidated into providing sex to the homosexual indoctrinators. And all those gooey eyed single females who voted for Obama because they view the Government as a father figure get a man! He might be a black panther, or a non English speaking comrade Venezuelan but hey, he’s MALE!) But I digress. Sarah Palin is defeated. More Republican Senators and Republican House members are defeated. “What fraud?” says the Democrat A.G. “What fraud?” say the Federal judges. And ACORN is busy, busy, busy, electing Obama sympathetic State legislators. Why?,” you ask? Read on. It’s 2014 and more of the same. After the “election” there might be one or two Republicans left in the Senate, and a handful left in the House. By now, no one bothers to complain to the Democrat A.G. or the Federal Courts. Finally, Acorn finishes putting enough Obama friendly State legislators in power. “But why did they bother?,” you say? By 2014, Obama has only two years left in power, but he’s not ready to call it quits. So, he tells his Democrat Senate and House that he wants the Constitution changed so he can run again. (AS DID THE NEW YORK MAYOR ON A STATE LEVEL) In a breathtakingly short period of time, the House and Senate approve a change to the Constitution. He then tells the State Legislators to approve the change. About 45 of the States approve the change in record time, and Obama proceeds to a third term, then a fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth. Finally, in the fullness of time, he steps down, and hands the reigns of power over to a daughter. There is no longer any need for elections. Thus begins the reigns of the modern Pharaohs. The dictators of the earth in America, Russia, and Asia have unbreakable iron grips on their slave populations, and prison camps are vast with people working to do the will of their leaders. In the fullness of time, the empires are finally broken by natural disasters and people struggle to survive as best they can by hunting and gathering. Civilizations form again AS SPACE TRAVEL EVOLVES, and in 10,000 years CITIZENS OF OTHER PLANET SETTLEMENTS WHO FLED PLANET EARTH, begin thinking and speaking of things like “One Nation, under God” and speak of divine ideas like religious, economic, and political liberty, along with a new concept: “the consent of the governed.” God will hear them and send back the spirit of the Republican Party. The party of Freedom and graciousness is reborn. Of course Satan will also hear the men and he will send back the Spirit if the Democrat party. The party of slavery and treachery is also reborn and the two parties will once again challenge each other ACROSS GALAXIES for a few hundred years. Perhaps at one time men of good conscience could have stopped Obama. But they didn’t. The video about the Obama Civilian Security forces that was below has been pulled, so a large empty space is left as a memorial to censorship by the incoming Administration before it even gets into the White House but is already "in power".


by Arlen Williams said...

It sure will give more self-esteem for all those ACORN and other proletariat types, being granted co-equal ownership of the corporations they work in. Well, co-equal except for the government portion of them.

Hey, wait -- we'll all be proletariat types! Well, except for the government overlords, the caviar eaters.

Who needs entrepreneurs?

And who needs traditional families?

People can just have one child if they want one and government will take care of him/her. More children will be allowed to those who provide special services to "America."

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