Tuesday, December 16, 2008


While termed a volunteer force (originally recruited by Khomeini (in 1979 not 1977) among ignorant, supestitious and mostly illiterate villagers from far flung locations, the mind-boggling statistics number of Bassiji provided by the islamic regime, the fact (AntiMullah sources) they were increased by another one million during the past year speaks volumes about the insecurity of the regime. Incidentally, the Bassiji, for a long time had a core of some 300,000 mercenary Arabs, who enjoyed maiming and killing Iranians. They lived (and still do) in military barracks and had little to do, except watch TV and eat, were called out at the drop of a hat when even the smallest of gatherings appeared. Armed with tire changing irons and knives, the mercenaries gleefully swung tire irons with full force, indiscriminately at men and women and broke bones and skulls and slashed and stabbed all and sundry with their knives. This photo of a so-called police agent/Bassiji Suppression Force agent (called "feshar" meaning "pressure") forces and his modernized tire iron illustrates how free from punishment for brutality and irresponsible harm to people, continues on a regular basis. Policeman1 The most peaceful side of Bassiji, the lull before the torture prisoner 2 Arrested after being wounded including slices and sharp edged, tire iron type blows prisoner 1e prisoner 1d Forced into "police" car trunk. Will he ever be seen alive again? prisoner 2b And later: Woman victim beaten black and blue by prison guards bruised- beaten woman Beaten to death (display of body) After 2 Tortured to death (abused body being washed down) After 3 And final release from pain and suffering STRUNG UP WITH A CRANE (CHOKED to death, no freefall neck snap) Hanging in Iran EXCELLENT LOOK AT ISLAMIC IRAN'S BASSIJI "SUPPRESSION" FORCE click here