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By Alan Peters FORMAL STATISTICS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO COME BY AS KILLING OF OFFICERS AND NON-COMMISSIONED MEMBERS OF THE LATE SHAH'S MILITARY AND SECURITY FORCES WERE NOT CENTRALLY ORDERED We have tried to gather numbers that are as reliable as possible but they are, at best, estimates. Usually very accurate estimates but we believe we have understated actual numbers. Here are some figures in no particular order, other than as they came in. 144 Air Force Pilots including the Nojeh attempted counter-revolution by the Air Force. (Nojeh is still a not fully told story we will write up as time permits. We have have the facts but not the time). 428 Officers in Khuzestan Province, mostly from armored divisions. 216 Officers from the Shiraz city area also mostly from armored divisions. 27 TOP MILITARY & SECURITY officers from various branches. Note that military officers from the Army also served in police and security organizations. For instance, 4-star General Nassiri, head of SAVAK , was an army officer. As was 3-star General Mehdi Rahimi, Head of Tehran Police, who slapped the hanging judge, who loved torturing cats to hear their screams, Ayatollah Khalkhali, when he mocked the general for maintaining his loyalty to the Monarchy and insulted the Shah. Khalkhali ordered Rahimi's hands and then arms cut off before being shot. Photos of the brave General's body show these appendages laid on his chest and alongside his body. 60 Officers in the city of Mashhad. Also in Mashhad and an example of civilians who joined the revolution and achieved power by heading some of the vigilante committees, a writer and member of the local liberal writers guild, Ali Asghar Haj Seyed Javadi ORDERED Khomeini followers to kill Major Ali Vojdani and to tear his body to pieces. All based on a personal grudge. In other Mashhad executions, the heads of the executed officers were cut off and Khomeini followers would play soccer with them in public. 25 in Tabriz city. 17 in the Kurdestan Province. Because Khomeini feared the Iranian Kurds, he tried not to alienate them. In one case an Air Force General posted to Tehran's Mehrabad Airport (on the military side of it) who would normally have been executed out of hand, was imprisoned but later released on the DEMAND/REQUEST of the Kurdish leader of the tribe from which he was a prominent family member. 24 Officers from the Khorramabad area. 115 Officers from Zahedan, mostly from the armored division 180 Officers in the Isfahan area. 800 Officers and Civilians from Internal Security Section of SAVAK (the National Security Organization). 180 Officers and some Civilians of Anti-Terror Central Command. 300 Police Officers killed, were publicly hanged from city trees in Tehran. With this trend in mind, several hundred more died this way around the country. Around 9,000 at Lavisan, mostly Royal Guards but also officers from other cities and branches brought in to oppose the revolution from cities like Khoi and Maragheh (Azarbaijan). They reportedly did not die without taking several hundreds of Khomeini-ists with them. Witnesses of this massacre relate that bodies were piled up high into military trucks and sent out for disposal. All the above, except Nojeh, happened in a brief time frame of days and weeks after bloody Khomeini/Soviet revolution. Other indicators point to over 250,000 military officers and non-coms with some lower ranks being executed since the start in 1979 till today. To all this you can add the sudden death by execution of some 30,000 Mojaheddin (MEK) and Marxist Fedayeen in Khomeini's prisons in the1980s as he wanted to remove them as a threat in case their colleagues fighting militarily against his regime from inside Iraq, managed to make headway and release this number of supporters. At the time, the Marxist-Islamist MEK, numbering abut 100,000 boots on the ground inside Iran, whom the Mullahs have demonized inside Iran out of fear, as the only militarily trained opposition which could be aimed at them, has now sadly turned into a worship Mariam Rajavi cult. She is the wife of former leader Massoud Rajavi. The MEK is still on the USA TERRORIST list and illegal here but France and then Britain, with clear political interests, have removed the group from their terrorist list. France even returned confiscated funds to Mariam Rajavi. Over the past decades, the Mullahs have managed to buy up and infiltrate many of the MEK and the group now has two opposed wings, one of which spouts Mullah disinformation and tries to weaken Mariam's hold on the leadership. And finally Khomeini waged a war that killed around ONE MILLION people on both sides, mostly Iranians. Thousands of these were young boys, as young as ELEVEN years old, brainwashed and conscripted into the Army of God as "volunteers" and sent at Iraqi enemy lines - across minefields - plastic keys to "Islamic Paradise" hanging around their little necks and WOODEN rifles as their weapons! Yes, eleven. A friend of mine's son inside Iran had to be spirited out of the Islamic country to avoid being conscripted (into the volunteer Army of God, not the regular forces) as he was about to reach that age. It is eery how closely Obama's election campaigning resembled the Khomeini playbook - as tactically directed by the Soviet Embassy in Tehran. And how sad that about half of the American populace showed the same naivete and belief in a "messiah" that the uneducated Iranian population showed in the face of false, untenable promises, very similar to those given by Obama. And I fear we will also regret our simplicity and end up suffering as badly as did the Iranians, who now regret their stupidity and pay the price with a horrifying number of executions. Roughly averaging one per day OFFICIALLY, which fails to count the multitude taken from over 100 "unofficial" prisons run by dozens of militant "security" groups affiliated to various ayatollahs or power groups. On aggregate, thousands have been taken out into isolated places and murdered. Often sadistically. A favorite execution method of these groups consists of shooting the victims in the feet. then as they writhe on the ground, to put more shots into their ankles, then shins - never in a hurry to place the next shot - gradually working their way up the body. always careful not to hit a vital spot. Till eventually their captive dies of loss of blood or from shock. Or they tire and grow bored of the game they have so often repeated and finish off the suffering man - OR WOMAN. If the latter, gang raped till they tired of her body before taking her out to inflict their final act of sadism. In the formal prisons, where executions mostly require the return of the body to families, signs of prolonged torture that has not healed have recently added insult to injury and been returned encased in a block concrete. Any lacerations or wounds on the body can be denied as having been inflicted by the family cutting off the concrete or cement block. And "honorary ayatollah" Biden and his boss Obama want to hold unconditional talks with the leaders of this regime. Murderous, Pol Pot who created piles of skulls of some two million people he killed was an angel by comparison to these lunatics. And world leaders drag their feet and will allow these same Mullahs and their regime, who make Genghis Khan's Mongols "gentle" by comparison, acquire nuclear weapons. Obama already promised islamic iranian leadership NOT to criticise/oppose their nuclear program in a Los Angeles restaurant meeting before he even became President-elect! God help us all. Only a celestial power can save us from what we appear to face. At least Obama will not have the free hand to kill off our military just because he does not like them. As he has so often indicated. And indicated he wants to form a One Million youth Domestic Security Militia that will obey him blindly (after stints at camps where they will receive indoctrination like Khomeini's underage "volunteer conscripts".

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Navid said...

This is shameful, libelous and disgusting. Ali Asghar Haj Seyed Javadi was and is a good friend of my family.

He never "ordered" anybody's death. Far from it. In fact, I recall a couple of really jaheli "pasdars" breaking into his home and threatening his daughters.

He and has family fled Iran soon after.

You owe him an apology.