Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Immediately after his return, one of his followers asked Khomeini how to hold trials in the Ministry of Justice under Islam and this is his response. "Those who are against me are against Allah and are the enemy of Islam so require no trial. Kill them with no questions asked where they stand, in the street, in their homes and wherever you find them" Khomeini (1979) He later put this similar order in writing. See the handwritten order and a typed version (both in Farsi). Khomeini's Handwritten order to slaughter click here Lucky for us, Obama cannot get away with such an order but he will be to the USA, within American parameters the American Khomeini as far death and destruction which will hit our land and population during his term in office. No, don't mock me. Wait and see! Pray I AM wrong, that I AM an alarmist. People are buying guns so fast some manufacturers like Mossberg shotguns cannot keep up with demand. Gun stores regularly run out of ammunition, so others seem to share some of my alarm. Advice among security and survival organizations is to stock up enough food for ONE YEAR. Few of us have a place to store this. And as much drinking water as possible Food riots, taxation revolts will over time (possibly as early as 2014) lead to more bloodshed than ever happened in islamic iran. The rule of law will increasingly virtually disappear year by year. Famine will lead to countless deaths. One city council has already approved printing their own money (script) which only has a value in the local shops and businesses. So basic commerce stays inside the city . In fact this becomes a form of barter. You pay for a pair of shoes with the "funny money", the owner of the shoes uses it to buy groceries and so on. Forgers will probably work overtime. Survival will become even more a challenge for all of us than for the bloodied and cowed populace in islamic iran. Note: whatever I describe above will hit me along with everyone else, so I will take the lumps with everyone who cannot move to safer places. like the Amazon Jungle in Brazil! Remember that as conditions worsen all over the world, foreigners will be banned and even shot and killed. I never imagined that a set of screenplays I started several years ago as a trilogy/quadrilogy called History of the Future, along the lines of this concept, could come to pass as reality in my lifetime rather than in my imagination. (Story lines in my screenplays differ but present a similar series of cataclysmic world events). Am I hallucinating under my aluminum foil hat? Gosh, I hope so but fear I may be right.

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