Saturday, December 20, 2008


This Zoroastrian site is excellent and provides a view into the PRE-islamic history of Iran and the Monarchs who ruled the region from some 6,372 years ago and 2,572 since King Cyrus the Great (Koorosh), who formulated the first Declaration of Human Rights.

The REAL IRAN, not the one the Mullahs have formulated and I call "islamic iran" without capitalization of both words.

Neither is what the Mullahs practise and preach not "Islam" - nor is the current country they control oppressively "Iran" in my mind.

Any insult is not to visitors but to the iranian Mullahs who are proponents of Arabic not Persian civilization and are invading "Taazis".

And many have doubts as to what the Arab "civilization" might be when their history is largely based on the most violent teachings of the Koran, slavery, rape, disrespect of women and death as expounded some 1,400 years ago. And the jihadists wish to impose on all of us today as Sharia regulations.

An imposition of savage customs on modern minds which have evolved and rejected such outdated concepts.

In fact modern society laws punish much of what is encouraged (and often practised in Moslem countries today) in the Koran just as it would punish us for Old Testament "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" outdated societal mores.

So Persians or Iranians should bear this in mind and realize what passes for the islamic regime of the Mullahs does not qualify as (capitalized) Islam nor as Iran.

While the value of religions is in the eyes, minds or souls of the particular believer and each and all of them serve a purpose for a different strata of our global societies, Zoroastrianism, one of the oldest, other than perhaps (monotheistic) Mithraidism, has only three Commandments, which if followed would appear to cover and embrace all aspects of our lives:
1. Think Good Thoughts (Pendaareh Neek)
2. Speak Good Words (Goftaareh Neek)
3. Do Good Deeds (Raftaareh Neek).
This fits well with Christianity and other peaceful faiths (though originally quite violent at their incept many centuries ago) which do not preach death and destruction to impose themselves upon an often less than willing audience, which might comply from fear as much as sincere belief.
Purely as an observer of humanity and not a proponent of a particular path, I consider everything, including the variety of beliefs as all emanating from the Creator and in the same way that we speak many different languages and dialects around the globe, each serves a particular audience, which understands that language or dialect more readily.
It might not be your language but to rebuke it unless it preaches death and destruction, pain and suffering as the basic tenets, would be to rebuke someone for not speaking your chosen "English language.
We all have our path and want everyone to use it as the "best" one. And for each of us - not always and only if by our own choice - it probably is. But one size shoe does not fit all who wear shoes.
When we try to impose our view - by force or pressure - then we appear to be second guessing the ALL-wise, ALL-encompassing Creator of ALL-things. Including some of those we do not like.
However, taking this too far and allowing acts in the name of religion to kill or maim us and approving a religion or "ism" to do this to us, also denies our free will to choose to protect our survival and well being. As customary and natural in our own modern societies, not throw backs to the Old Testament or the outdated form of Islam, where individual Mullahs interpret the Koran and Soureh and Hadiths in many indivdual forms and try to impose their opinions by frequently conflicting "fatwas" (religious decrees).
Be well, be happy and believe sincerely but not to the fanatical exclusion of all else.