Wednesday, December 10, 2008


With arrest of Prime Minister Obama's chief political supporter in Illinois in Gov. Blagojevich along with his Chief of Staff on selling the PM's former Senate seat, my interest is not in the salacious headlines in the Governor calling Barack Obama a motherf*cker, but in what the FBI has been doing and what the real conversations reveal. This is a great deal like Capt. Kirk telling Mr. Spoc, "If you can't tell me what it is, tell me what it isn't." That is the key to understanding the depths of what has been occurring in Illinois, because a great deal has been going on with Plamegate coup operational director, Patrick Fitzgerald. To put it plainly, Mr. Fitzgerald is a Clintonista. He ran a 2 year sting in trying to get Alberto Gonzales who was White House Chief Counsel to agree to a briefing by stooge Richard Armitage on his testimony before a grand jury. Once Armitage did that, then Fitzgerald could have swept in with indictments in the White House was interfering with a federal investigation. Gonzales said, "NO!", to that offer and was destroyed for it and that was what was behind the entire "impeachment" promise to Democrats for the Bush 43 years. There was a standing coup to get George W. Bush as payback for what the GOP did in impeaching Bill Clinton. In knowing where Patrick Fitzgerald's New York allegiances lay, it has been interesting in one can surmise it was his digging in ACORN election fraud and other Obama crimes which assisted greatly in one Hillary Clinton arriving as Sec. of State. There is a great deal of blackmail and leverage occurring in this which is only a tip of an iceberg for Barack Obama as he has 300 million in counterfeit donations from the Middle East and all those people over there are blackmailing for their piece of the Obama pie too. Does it become more clear in why all of these Clinton people are popping up in the Obama administration due to what the Clinton New York faction has on Mr. Obama? In this, I want to focus on a few statements which really are important in understanding the depths of the activity in Illinois. Patrick Fitzgerald only has until January 20 to indict Barack Obama and anyone else. After that time, he will be fired by Prime Minister Obama and that will end the criminal problems for Mr. Prime Minister. So Fitzgerald is under pressure to get the job done now if it is the job to be got done and that is why he pounced in Gov. Blagojevich. This surveillance of Blagojevich is telling, because there have been vast inquiries into Tony Rezko who was Obama's bag man in Chicago as slum lord. It filters back to Chicago banking and thee immense corruption of money laundering and embezzlement going on. There is a blurb of small detail I recall of money shifting in Illinois out of the public funds in I believe it was the billion dollar teacher union funds which 2 people benefited from in Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Fitzgerald and the FBI have been pressuring Rezko and he has been singing. The problem seems is no real uncomplicated evidence was showing up to nail Blagojevich and the cronies. So the FBI just sat like in the Plamegate coup waiting for something to happen and this idiot Blagojevich leaped in with both feet selling Obama's Senate seat. In that, it reveals that numbers of people in Illinois have their email and phones tapped. In this, Blagojevich warned people that people were listening and they had to watch what was being said. That means Blagojevich was being warned by someone in Illinois FBI or someone in DC loyal to Barack Obama knew of this investigation and warned Blagojevich or someone in Obama's main camp in direct conversation knowing the phones were tapped illegally blew the investigation. All of this chatter and federal moles links exactly as in the Lawrence Sinclair case. Someone illegally informed and warned Blagojevich of the Fitzgerald investigation. Building on this, it comes to the literal impeachment and indictment of Barack Hussein Obama in one key phrase which Gov. Blagojevich was told by an adviser. I will quote directly from the ABC News site as what is quoted is damning. quote: Blagojevich also sought a high paying job for his wife, according to the FBI. "Is there a play here, with these guys, with her" to work for a firm in Washington or New York, he reportedly said. The FBI affidavit said Blagojevich had been told by an adviser "the President-elect can get ROD BLAGOJEVICH's wife on paid corporate boards in exchange for naming the President-elect's pick to the Senate." Told by two other advisers he has to "suck it up" for two years, the FBI says it heard Blagojevich complain he has to give this "motherf***er [the President-elect] his Senator. F*** him. For nothing? F*** him." The Governor is heard saying he will pick another candidate "before I just give f***ing [Senate Candidate l] a f***ing Senate seat and I don't get anything." unquote. One has to take the entire scenario into context. Blagojevich is asking for a lobbyist job for his wife in quid pro quo as part of selling the Senate seat. One must now realize this is not potential candidates for the job trying to bribe him, but Blagojevich by his adviser is informing him, the adviser is being told this by Barack Obama and his staff. The "what" Blagojevich is being told is that Barack Obama will in exchange for naming Valerie Jarrett, who is Obama's minion cronie pick, that Obama will then pay off in 2 years when all suspicion that the seat has been sold of getting a job for Mrs. Blagojevich. What is telling in this is how shrewd Barack Obama is in operating. He agrees willingly to sell his Senate seat in a job and cash deal, but wants to make certain the public perception is that he has not sold the seat, which is quite illegal as what the Governor is attempting to do. Blagojevich as one can read is furious over this and by his reaction indicates he doesn't trust Obama's word no more than a gay gigolo on a street corner that he doesn't have aids. In that is the working of Patrick Fitzgerald in moving up the ladder of crimes. He convicted Tony Rezko and used those convictions to have what appears open ended surveillance on Gov. Blagojevich. A federal court just does not hand out open end wire taps without there being more on the books. Patrick Fitzgerald has other information on Gov. Blagojevich and other Chicago citizens. This Obama seat for sale was simply the most damning evidence he had and he swept in in this major press event to arrest a sitting governor and chief of staff of a state all for the ladder purpose of moving up the ranks. To put it plainly, if Patrick Fitzgerald will do his job as he should, the next people on the list will be the FBI informant who informed Blagovich, who would be connected to the Obama campaign, the Obama campaign, chiefly in David Axelrod and one, Barack Hussein Obama, his wife and Joe Biden. Those are the fish Mr. Fitzgerald has barely 60 days to indict if he does his job, if not for America, but for Hillary Clinton. The Federal Court in Illinois has most likely already secured wire taps on the Obama campaign, chiefly David Axelrod, and as one witnesses with Gov. Blagojevich, there are hosts of crimes a politician blunders into when you have something someone else desires. The Obama campaign is filled with conversations daily in quid pro quo from 'news' organizations to people being appointed. Someone always has a relative or sex partner who they need to bring on board after they have been paid off for political support. It might be a GOP Governor of Hawaii assisting in sealing Obama's birth certificate. It might be a judge on a bench being told how helpful it would be to shut down a lawsuit and he would be "remembered" in 2 years. It might be a Middle Eastern bank thug demanding immigration for his insane son who likes to chop infidel's heads off. There are all kinds of pigs for the tits of Lincoln's Illinois already on digital recordings or about to be as Mr. Obama, Mr. Plouffe and Mr. Axelrod might think they can be like bin Laden in not talking on phones will protect them when surveillance can now listen through concrete walls. What this all points to is Mr. Obama is not as powerful nor are his cronies in Chicago and Brzezinski haven as they like to pretend to be as New York connected Patrick Fitzgerald just kicked them in the testicles today. That means leverage from the real powers and it means as stated above that "if" Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden who are involved in this in campaign finance and the proven statement by Gov. Blagojevich's adviser that Mr. Obama was selling his Senate seat for Valerie Jarrett in a quid pro quo, that the one person who would benefit from this most would be, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Why might one ask? As this blog noted in the 25th Ammendment, section 6, "If the President and Vice President are found disqualified from their offices, the succession of office goes to, Sec. of State". That would be Hillary Hamrod Clinton. This is not a Phil Berg coup coming from outside that the courts will shut down. What has occurred in Illinois is at the least, leverage, and at the most, it will be President Hillary Clinton replacing Prime Minister Barack Obama and Aaron Burr as Vice President. Attorney General Fitzgerald? DC Federal Judge Fitzgerald? Supreme Court Justice Patrick Fitzgerald under President Clinton? One never knows as the people with intelligence only have understandings off the record and that is why they keep doing their jobs and Blagojevich is indicted.

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