Monday, January 26, 2009


CAN YOU GUESS WHO THIS WOMAN WITH HUGO CHAVEZ AND DANIEL ORTEGA MAY BE? BUDDYING UP WITH TWO OF AMERICA'S WORST ENEMIES? Panetta Daughter She is a supporter of all the anti-American regimes in this Hemisphere. She is a radical anti-American activist who wants to close the School of the Americas, considers that American soldiers are criminals and is against any aid to the government of Colombia, our main ally in the region.

CAN'T GUESS? Wouldn't rub shoulders with this enemy of the USA, so how would you know?


He appointed Leon Panetta as Head of the Central Intelligence Agency (yes, our CIA).


CAN YOU STILL DOUBT THAT OBAMA IS AMERICA'S marxist-islamic KHOMEINI AND BENT ON DISMANTLING OUR SECURITY - and our country to replace it with the USSA (United Socialist States of America)?

Are you SO deaf AND blind? OK, scare over. She has the same name but is apparently not his daughter, though on occasion she has reportedly claimed to be. But Obama is still the American Khomeini - no question. Watch and see. Sadly when you and the rest of those who are in denial find out, it will be too late for all of us. Including me. There is no decent country to which to flee, so I will go down with the rest. See some of her websites for your edification on Linda:

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