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In the lower half of the prior HAMAS CHILDREN OF TERRORISTS article below, we posted a response to photos sent in which tried to present how badly the HAMAS/Palestinians were being treated. The comment we received back to that was as follows: " In response to the part of your e-mail in regards to comparing use of machine gun to hand gun, Jesus said an eye for an eye and I believe most religions supports that. If we truly Cherish our Faith then what we are witnessing is Zionism in action". Which triggered our effort to educate and enlighten as follows: Interesting concept/analysis. The eye for an eye is Old testament and NOT what Jesus said. ("Breach for breach, eye for eye, tooth for tooth as he has caused a blemish in a man so shall it be done to him again") this comes from Leviticus 24 paragraph 20 and was said unto Moses by God. Third chapter in Old Testament, Genesis, Exodus and then Leviticus. It applies to civil disputes NOT battlefield tactics. This is in fact one of the problems with the Jihadi Islam that is being waged on the West. It applies something from 1400 years ago into modern society which has evolved to where neither biblical Old testament (pre-Jesus) eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth – nor the Koran and Hadith suits who we now are. Whether we are better or worse today is an opinion everyone can have in different forms, but to force me or you or anyone to go back to before the Dark Ages (Ghoroun Bostan) and OBEY what was culturally allowed, accepted in those days is ludicrous and ignores that animals evolve. The human race is a form of animal and also evolves. Another misconception is created when we see six-foot plus tall Charlton Heston descend from the mountain in the movie Moses with the 10 Commandments. Tall, blond, handsome, right? Well the human race in those days were anthropologically about four feet tall on average, very HAIRY and to some degree resembled a slightly larger chimpanzee. Take old Elizabethan era houses in England as an indicator. The doorways are too low for most of us to enter easily, even the shorter ones. One reason was to keep as much heat in as possible, the other, they did not need to make them higher. THEY, only our feet tall, came and went easily. BTW a stranger who was FIVE FEET tall would be considered a GIANT and feared to the extent of being driven away from a village with stones being thrown to speed his departure. They were totally illiterate and spent all of their lives (except some nomadic tribes such as the Bakhtiari or Qashghai etc., in Iran for example) within a ten mile radius of the village where they were born. (It is interesting that Americans as a whole live and die within a 25-mile radius of where they were born, though they have access to TV and radio and learn a tiny bit about other places and occasionally travel for short trips elsewhere). The ONLY information on ANYTHING outside their village came from travelling troubadours (entertainers) or friars (similar to akhund), who lived off the people and if lucky would be the guests of the village leader (kadkhoda) and get some food and alms (money). The Kings, Princes and nobility of this era (even some 200 years AFTER Mohammad) fought wars and their armies would bring back knowledge of foreign customs etc. – plus they had a handful of literate persons, usually clerics or necromancers but overall the populace were ignorant to the Nth degree. That "ignorance and illiteracy" includes Mohammad and his Arabs and FYI "Allah' was a statue of a Moon God/goddess in Medina and the only one Mohammad did not destroy as the locals worshipped this one above others. NOTE the Koran only mentions animals that Mohammad had seen and none beyond that. If, as fervent Mullahs insist, everything that exists is ALL written in the Koran, and anything outside that is anti-Islam and to be ignored and avoided, then, by this definition, all scientific discoveries, flying to the moon and progress of mankind is anti-Islamic and blasphemous. Also, the name Allah predates Islam by about 1,000 years and has been found in archeological excavations. For a full and detailed look at the history of "allah" go to a very erudite article posted by me in English and Farsi at: FARSI TEXT ENGLISH TEXT As you can see there was very little knowledge moving around and what we conceive comes from movies of how we imagine those days were and MODERNIZED for today's audiences, 99% of whom have not studied much about the distant past details, rather than a general history. The problem with all this comes from inaccuracy or lack of knowledge and a touch of biased emotion. I have "Palestinian" friends and some Jewish ones BUT must also REMEMBER (I was there) that when Khomeini invaded Iran, even the vigilantes that helped run the prisons or in the neighborhood Committees (Komiteh) were for the most part unwilling to execute fellow Iranians. ARAFART'S 2,000 palestinians, who accompanied him for his "dast-bouss" (hand kiss) of Khomeini and request for financial help, MANNED THE FIRING SQUADS that murdered tens of thousand of innocent Iranians. With Khomeini's blessings, since he had no use for the items, they ransacked, ravaged all the high society homes and stole antiques, paintings, carpets and expensive furniture (200 trucks per day went back and forth moving this loot to Palestine) in return for which they EXECUTED Iranians. You do NOT want to know what they did to female prisoners, some as young as ten years old, they executed the next day. It is HORRIFYING. When there was no loot left, they left. But before leaving threatened the prison vigilantes to become firing squads or be shot themselves. After you kill a number of people you lose your reluctance and become inured to this act. Firing squad eecutions and hangings were then performed by Iranians. Did you read the article that there is no such thing as Palestinians? It's a "must read" if you wish to address the subject. AND remember Hamas is officially recognized as a Terror Organization and not a NORMAL duly elected "government", though they did get elected. (A bit like Indonesian/Kenyan Obama getting elected to be our President). All of you, be happy, be well AND be an activist for your own Iranian people and their misery not for the horrifying palestinian surrogates of the Mullahs. Neither the Mullahs NOR the palestinians, of any flavor, are on your side. Feel free to share your opinions with me. But please first read the references I offer to know the subjects better,

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