Friday, January 30, 2009


To refresh everyone's memory, Hillary Clinton gave orders when she was in the White House that NOBODY was to look directly at her nor into her eyes. Meaning that everyone had to lower their eyes in submission when passing or talking to her. Obama is the other side of the coin. He is afraid to look at anyone for very long as his deceit and glimpses of his nastiness show and give him away. And his gleeful, arrogant humor. Someone tried to suggest that this is a natural African American trait of lowering eyes when "talking to elders". But they forget that Obama is an Arab-American by blood and birth NOT an African American and does not even have the 12% African bloodline to merit the Federal standard of being an African ethnicity minority. And how many African Americans do you know who emulate their new hero? None of the ones I know or have met. Even the most polite ones. They are far more inclined to stare you down than drop their gaze - unless highly embarrassed. In the meantime, this "people's" socialist President, rooting, so he says, for the small guy and telling us all to be frugal and spend less and give more to others (pay higher taxes) and let his administation spend it, pays an unbelievable $100 a pound for his steaks!! He complained how the price of Arugulo (how many of you know what that is?) - a fancy green leaf used in high end salads has increased in price. How many of you ever buy Arugulo? Costs many times more by weight than our usual lettuce. When you consider that being a multi-millionaire, Obama does not help his own family, even a brother living on some $12 a YEAR in a Kenyan slum, or an aunt illegally in the USA he places in public housing so as to not have her pay rent, provides an insight into his Communist mind set. Communist governments always have those at the top live in luxury, with luxury vacation homes, eat luxuriously and spend your money - by claiming all the money that is available in their country - and paying you the citizen, the lowest possible amount they can to prevent you from immediate starvation. Though starve you will in the long run while they dine on $100 per pound steaks and Arugulo. And heat their offices (like the Oval Office) hot enough to grow orchids, as Obama's Hitler look-alike advisor happily admits. And let their factories grind to a halt because their Communist "factory bosses" (our unions) create so much red tape and work rules rather than reward productivity that they are soon running deficits. I'm not sure "Eli. Eli. lama sabkatani" (forgive them father for they not what they do) as Jesus cried out during his crucifixion, can even be applied to the totally naive masses who voted for this apology for a leader. And who have thrown our country and all of us into a hell on this earth that Obama is creating on a daily basis. Some of you have already begun to realize this and his approval rating has fallen by about 15% in just the few days he has been in office. Give him a chance? For what? To create more destruction? Put more of us out of work as he creates executive orders to support the Unions and hurt the workers who want to pitch in and try to help save our plight? What a farcical situation you have created, while accepting that people like Chris Dodd, who received sweetheart mortgages (but cannot find the documents) even when the chairman or Country Wide publicly admits this? That this Congresman DID receive a special deal for supporting the mindless loans FreddieMac, FannyMae and other lenders were giving out (on executive orders signed by Bill Clinton and supported/protected by Democrats Dodd and Congressman Barney Frank) to unqualified borrowers. If this sounds like a sorrow chant, it is. Just as "Amazing Grace" originated in the bowels of slave ships, mine comes from the depths of the sinking America ship. Scuttled by Obama and his greedy Democrats like Pelosi, Murtha and cattle rustler descendant Harry Reid. With slaver Soros at the helm of their efforts to destroy us.

Note the similarity of Bill Clinton's pro-China activities, executive orders and corruption which sold out our country to the Chinese.

The attorney in charge of the China Gate defense of Clinton is the one preventing Obama having to produce his Birth Certificate (though the fat lady has not sung on this yet):


(a) participation in the U.S. Department of Commerce foreign trade mission to China from August 25, 1994 to September 2, 1994, led by then- Commerce Secretary Ron Brown (id. at paras. 63-70);

(b) a waiver signed by President Clinton on February 6, 1996 allowing Loral to launch a commercial communications satellite from China (id. at para. 137);

(c) the transfer on March 14, 1996 of export licencing authority from the U.S. Department of State to the U.S. Department of Commerce, which had more lenient licensing requirements than did the State Department (id. at paras. 117-132);

(d) a second waiver signed by President Clinton on July 9, 1996 allowing Loral to launch additional communications satellites from China (id. at para. 138);

(e) a third waiver signed by President Clinton on February 18, 1998 that not only allowed Loral to launch even more communications satellites from China, but also effectively forestalled any criminal prosecution of Loral and/or Loral officials as a result of an grand jury investigation by the U.S. Department or Justice into the unlawful transfer of highly sensitive, missile technology to the Chinese (id. at paras. 172-180); and

(f) an export licence granted by U.S. Commerce Department on March 23, 1998 allowing Loral to export a commercial communication satellite for launch in China. (3) Id. at 181.

Since Plaintiffs filed their Amended Complaint, they have uncovered additional payments by Schwartz to the DNC, DSCC and DCCC between August 1998 and June 1999 totaling another $595,000.00. According to FEC records, Schwartz also made the following payments during this time period:

(a) On August 11, 1998, Defendant Schwartz paid $250,000 to the DNC.

(b) On October 26, 1998, Defendant Schwartz paid $50,000 to the DNC.

(c) On November 6, 1998, Defendant Schwartz paid $100,000 to the DNC.

(d) On February 16, 1999, Defendant Schwartz paid $50,000 to the DSCC.

(e) On March 23, 1999, Defendant Schwartz paid $20,000 to the DNC.

(f) On April 20, 1999, Defendant Schwartz paid $25,000 to the DNC.

(g) On May 14, 1999, Defendant Schwartz paid $25,000 to the DNC.

(h) On May 14, 1999, Defendant Schwartz also paid another $25,000 to the DNC.

(i) On June 28, 1999, Defendant Schwartz paid $50,000 to the DSCC.

In addition, Schwartz and his wife just recently paid yet another $40,000 to a special fundraising account created to assist Mrs. Clinton in her bid for the U.S. Senate.

See Saffir, Barbara J., “Hillary’s Senate run gets a holiday boost: Big donors attend Washington Gala,” The Washington Times, January 15, 2000, attached as Exhibit 2.

In exchange, they were rewarded with an invitation to the President and Mrs. Clinton’s taxpayer-financed New Years Eve gala at The White House, where they sat at Mrs. Clinton’s table.

Id. Also improperly attending the “incestuous” event was Attorney General Janet Reno, whose Justice Department is supposed to be conducting a criminal investigation of Schwartz and Loral. See “White House Millennium Guest List,” Associated Press, December 31, 1999, attached as Exhibit 3.

Clearly, Schwartz’ payments to the DNC, DSCC and DCCC and other organizations affiliated with the Democrats and the Democratic Party continue even up to present.

These additional payments likely constitute compensation for past quid pro quos, or are compensation for additional quid pro quos that Loral already has received or expects to receive in the future, so long as the President and Mrs. Clinton remain in positions of authority where they can provide illicit favors to Schwartz and his corporate enterprises

Read more on the origin of Amazing Grace and watch and listen to the beautiful rendition video by Wintley Phipps and feel my pain and those about to go down the drain because of Obama and his administration. Not Bush! Obama. We are becoming the new slaves of his Communism. Beautiful, Amazing, Black Notes click here

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Tonto said...

You're making some good points here. I did notice the arrogance and the obvious narcissism during the campaign. Hillery scares hell out of me, and I AM from Detroit so I don't scare easy. Good job, keep it up.