Thursday, January 22, 2009


OBAMA DISMANTLING OUR SHIELDS? Blair vows transparent counter-terrorism WASHINGTON, N.Y., Jan. 22 (UPI) -- Retired Navy Adm. Dennis Blair, U.S. President Barack Obama's choice to head national intelligence, promised a Senate panel new tactics for counter-terrorism. "The intelligence agencies of the United States must respect the privacy and civil liberties of the American people, and they must adhere to the rule of law," Blair said Thursday in testimony before the in testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. As national intelligence director, Blair promised senators he would approach overseeing 16 intelligence-gathering agencies differently than his predecessors. "I do not and will not support any surveillance activities that circumvent established processes for their lawful authorization," he said. "I believe in the importance of independent monitoring, including by Congress, to prevent abuses and protect civil liberties." Blair said there still remained a need for transparency and accountability in a mission "where most work necessarily remains hidden from public view." If confirmed, Blair said he would "communicate frequently and candidly with the oversight committees, and as much as possible with the American people."

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magdalight2001 said...

Hey Alan, I found your amazing site through your comments on patriotroom, an other amazing site. Hope the two of you will join forces and double in power! The light of your Soul filled my room as I was browsing your pages. Your voice gives us hope and inspiration. And lights The Flame in the Heart where fear was threatening to take root before. Thank you for posting Amazing Grace. My favorite. It made me cry. In a good sort of way.

Thank you for all your work! We are grateful!