Friday, February 27, 2009


Turning Universities into Graveyards The cult of death, Islam, is marching forward under its battle cry: "We love death, the infidels love life," as Hassan Nasrullah, leader of Lebanon Hizbollah, says. There is no limit to the Shi'a mullahs' obsession with all matters dealing with death. . . .. . . the ever-conniving mullahs are gradually transforming Iran's universities, cradles of knowledge about life, to mausoleums. Instead of adorning the landscape with statues of great scientists and scholars to inspire the young to life achievement, the mullahs bring corpses of their victims and bury them there, victims who had been hoodwinked by the fascist Islamists and had lost their lives in implementing the schemes of Allah's frauds. . . . What everyone seems to miss here is the real reason for burying these so-called martyred Mullah heroes on university grounds. Not to honor them but to provide an excuse for Suppression Forces to enter the university grounds. By long standing rules, law enforcement agents are not allowed to enter university property on duty BUT who can stop them visiting the graves of their heroes? Even in large numbers.

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