Tuesday, February 24, 2009


And not just in HEALTHCARE but in our MORTGAGES and all the other pork rinds that "g*d d*mn America listener", O-Khomeini had in his wealth distribution bill, where we, not him, pay for others who do not deserve it.

Including for his illegal aunt in public housing at our expense and not her millionaire nephew's, who suddenly qualifies her for a formerly refused visa!

AND refreshed and encouraged by our O-Khomeini President, islamic iran has announced its intention to eradicate the Bahai faith, which is not only a work-around to enforce the new apostasy death penalty on Bahais but another strike at Israel, where the Bahai religion is headquartered.

I am neither a Jew nor a Bahai but O-Khomeini's pro-islamic , marxistic and anti-American actions. though pretending he is looking out for us, is turning more and more real Americans to turn to Boston-type "tea parties" as a prelude to have a so-called "revolution" (apparently by various States and members of "we the people" against the unfunded or "illegal" Federal government mandates imposed on them) FOR America before he can totally implement his destructive take over.

The first scattershot, little publicized (except locally), tea parties are next Friday in some 25 locations. Next round will have centralized lists posted all over the Internet so more and more will know where to attend at somewhere close to them.

I have had first hand experience, being caught up by and observing two revolutions and knowing others who went through the Soviet one, so perhaps I have an early feel for what Obama is doing to the USA and watching people and States react to the same kind of realization.

Instead of an estimated one thousand tea drinkers like this time, there will be many thousands as the anti-usurper flame catches the ready tinder. Not his obedient ACORN and the $BILLIONS O-Khomeini has set aside for them, nor the Million man Civil Security Force he has yet to unleash on us, will suffice to stop the millions and millions, who NEITHER voted for him nor trust him.

This is NOT something any of us individuals promote or encourage but something his actions encourage and trigger. In our opinion.

It is an observation of simultaneous events that have begun at a grassroots level without any specific political basis or incitement or clear starting point.

NOR is anything in all this here intended to be, nor is it inflamatory NOR a threat of any kind on him, his office, or anyone close to him or part of his administration. Nor anyone anywhere.

It is however, in our opinion, clearly a demonstration of free speech by "we the people" and protest at the destruction of our Constitution, society, beliefs and well-being he is deceptively flushing onto us.

As someone said in serious jest, as per our Constitution we will keep our guns, our God and our money -- you keep the "CHANGE"!

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