Sunday, February 01, 2009


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Unknown said...

I'd have loved to see a film about islam, from anyone except FOX News. They are as credible as CNN. You see, FOX News is one fourth owned, by the Prince of Saudi Arabia. You know, Binladen's family. FOX News, in my view, pretends to be right wing, when they obviously are not. ALSO, because the Saudis own FOX News, now you see dumb bimbo women as the main characters. Muslims do that to American television so that it will not be credible. No muslim will watch dumb bimbo types reporting the news. CNN stinks. FOX used to be good, before the Saudis, the nation that has NO FREEDOM for its population, and that arrests and imprisons anyone who is not islamic, chrisians especially, owns FOX News. We, the good American people, are played as fools.