Friday, February 13, 2009



There are some 42 Federal court cases filed against Obama and a similar number in State courts

The only hope we have is that now that Obama has shown his duplicity and failed to keep any of his promised openess in his dealings and has ordered his devoted DEMOCRAT Senators and Congressmen (except seven) to sign an 1100 page stimulus bill WITHOUT reading it through, to spend about $800 Billion the country does not have - of OUR money, not his:

Note: Socialism collapses when it runs out of other people's money to spend on non-productive recipients, who then turn on their "benefactor" (Obamessiah, with books about him are being put in the "religion" section at some Borders book stores in Texas) has done this in one fell swoop.


Spending nearly a Million Dollars of somebody's money on personal attorneys to prevent anyone seeing his birth documents, his university records, passport applications or any other documents that identify him or military service requirements. So we cannot even identify public records about him as they have either been scrubbed (deleted) or we do not know under which of various names and social security numbers he functioned to review past documentation.

Our only escape from the plague this American-Khomeini has unleashed on us will be when the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) accepts one of the above cases and annuls his election onn the merits and anything he has signed, including the fraudulent stimulus (porkulus) bill and return control of government to the people (as opposed to the fraudulent ACORN provided and Saudi and Soros purchased ones) and away from his radical Marxist-Islamic, destructive for America, hands.

He has brought the dirtiest of the notoriously dirty Chicago politics to Washington D.C. and saddled our whole nation with the slime and stench that has always been around him during his Communist upbringing and continues to be.

Already States like New Hampshire are working on annulling Federal laws which go beyond the constitutional Federal restrictions to impose laws on States and have currently usurped State powers.

Washington State and California are looking at this too and at not sending money to the Federal Government instead of keeping it. California sends in more than they receive back for a net loss of working with the Federal government.

Click on the link at the end of the Taitz letter and view attachments and supplemental records. Quite interesting ones including efforts to discredit those who seek to bring Obama to justice.

If the Obama push becomes more shove, like what he just did, not even permitting the porkulus bill to be read into the record, to avoid giving anyone time to know what is in it, then I can see the American populace rising up against him and those who failed to vet him and neither view nor allow viewing of proof he is not eligible for the position of President (at least not of the USA). And oppose his power grab through taking control of the Census process, moving it from the Commerce Department to the Obama House.

(Note: Census results regulate almost every important aspect of government)

Unlike islamic-iranian Khomeini, he cannot easily resort to killing and executions to hold onto power, so he will leave us - not impeached but found ineligible fairly soon and return power to reality, not empty messianic drivel.

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