Monday, February 02, 2009


First week in office : 5 exectutive orders Insults China First interview as President, is with foreign (Arab) news outlet- for Muslims Talks about his muslim family First phone call as President calls Palestinian leader Abbas Picks fight with Limbaugh Won't take question from press Excludes any compromise with GOP on Stimulus bill Massive pork in stimulus bill 5% of stimulus bill to actually go to infrastructure (and the rest of stimulus money to create jobs and restore the economy will not appear for a year or two) Offers to negotiate directly with Iran (in addition to previous talks already held) Puts 5 millionaires on his cabinet Makes a tax cheat the Sec. of the Treasury Bombs Pakistan Argues with the Pope on abortion Signed the Schip bill, that gives health care to illegals Won't bring a camera in to video his retaking of the oath of office Ordered the closure of Gitmo Halts all pending Bush regulations Second week: Appoints extremist Samantha Powers to head foreign policy team Orders more Secret nuke talks with Iran/Syria Attacks Rush Limbaugh His Illegal alien aunt, granted a visa Signs expensive schipp legislation Proposes another major tax cheat to be Health Secretary Proposes making a Republican Senator Commerce Secretary to ensure a filibuster proof Senate for total Democratic dictatorship and today is Monday. It is going to be an interesting week!

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Tonto said...

Where are they making book on his continued logevity and survival? I'd like to get in on some of that action.