Sunday, February 15, 2009


Here is a SERIOUS story that may not even get on our American-Khomeini-Obama's appeasement radar but may end up as a significant terror gambit. More than 70,000 doses of destructive radiation gone to our enemies from Canada and thousands of WalMarts. Radiation Gas missing click here


Meanwhile here is the story, mostly pictures, about Obama and his administration: In the Beginning O-view The Vetting that never happened References The Campaign Profile - another Jimmuh the Idiot Carter - in Spades Carter Syndrome Spreading the Wealth - with YOUR money But NOT with HIS money - not even to his brother who lives on less than $12 a year distribution Idiotic Newbie Gaffes - he was almost never seen in the Senate during his two years there - except to vote "present" so did not know better - about anything Gaffes Specially not about World Affairs Foreign policy Public Negative Reaction to his close associations made him throw them under a bus polls down And sow his policy intentions - of how to handle the enemy negotiates Despite his denials...... and his current plans to meet with islamic iran Mullahs Appeaser Meanwhile he spends about $1,000,000 (a million) to pay his lawyers to hide who he is, what his real name is and whether he is an American at all or qualifies Constitutionally for presidential eligibility as a Natural Born citizen, which his never rejected Indonesian passport and Kenyan birth would never permit. Ark Then he campaigns. For himself in America and Kenyan, Marxist-Islamist Cousin Odinga Soup And persuades enough naive voters that he is the messiah for which they live CARI_Obama AND AFTER HE GETS ELECTED Begins to implement his Marxist-Islamic, destroy America and repay and motivate corrupt supporters: FIRST a Pork Stimulus Bill - again WITH YOUR MONEY and that of your kids, future kids and grandkids pig trough SECOND - DISMANTLING AMERICA - BEYOND REPAIR dismantling And SHOVES his new relief program down our throats: C ongressional R elief A ction P rogram And wants us all to applaud our own idiocy at listening to his CRAP messianic drivel.

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