Sunday, March 22, 2009


As per the comment here, apparently (try .org or .net) is also being blocked at libraries. Some time back it was being blocked in Hawaii - I wonder why? (sarcasm). The above alternatives worked, then the .com started working there again. MEANWHILE: A blogger in islamic iran, 25-year old Omidreza Mir-Sayafi, who had been accused of insulting the Supreme Ruler and condemned to two and a half years of prison was found dead. While on the one hand he was put under severe physical and emotional pressure on the other the prison doctors over-prescribed pain killer medication for him. They drove him to desperation and then provided a final way out, which he apparently took - or it was made to look that he had done so. Journalists without Borders have found the likelihood of his being murdered to please the Supreme Ruler and scare off any other writers criticising Ali Khamenei as high enough to be suspicious. HOWEVER ....... Other than in extent, what is the difference of blocking sites like mine, or higher traffic ones like Atlasshrugs or Michelle Malkin as a form of censorship and what the Mullahs do (and did to this young man)? Over in islamic iran, they use exactly the same excuses to close down, censor - or in their case - murder bloggers. How long will it take for ACORN operatives to become violent? How long till the Brown/Black Shirt Youth (from forced youth camps across the USA) train/brainwash enough people to have them become spies and enforcers for Oba-Hussein-Khomeini? As they did for Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Khomeini and Castro.
And soon for Oba-Hussein.
Watch the video below by Obummer-Hussein supporters and see how close we are to this disgusting and oppressive situation in America, which is fast becoming a Banana Republic politically under the new Administration and economically a Zimbabwe.

Oba-Hussein's only real life work experience is his Chicago Neighorhood Organizing, so he is sending his ObaZombies, door to door, (listen to the trainer) to gather pledges he can use to batter you on the head to excuse taking your guns, your freedoms and your incomes. In the case of incomes, to make you reliant/dependent on government handouts to survive.

Not Socialism! COMMUNISM! As he has been trained to be from early childhood.

Where the poor have even less than before and the rich become poor and EVERYONE is EQUAL at the lowest common denominator possible to still survive on a day to day basis.

The sad part facing America under the new Administration is that there will not even be enough income, food and productivity to supply even a bare minimum and many are likely to die of starvation when charities have been decimated and cannot even offer soup kitchens.

Tiny sparks of new type of people committing suicide are beginning to appear around our country. As conditions worsen these sparks will sparkle up everywhere as those who can no longer support themselves and their families say goodbye to the world Oba-Hussein built for them.

Don't believe me? A Hedge Fund employee who previously earned about $750,000 a year, now works for $7.00 an hour plus tips in a Pizza Shop, making deliveries and mopping the floors. Just to have food on the table for his two children, wife and himself. What happens when there are no more Pizza shops to pay minimum wage? Cannot happen? We are hurtling in that direction.

Alarmist or focused analytical projection without the Obamessiah narcissistic false prophecy? You decide, even though you have no personal way, nor experience to evaluate what is happening to you.

The by Glenn Beck is a counteraction to the takeover of the country in the video below


magdalight2001 said...

Along the same line, did you know that your site along many other conservative sites are blocked on public library computers that are used by youth? I was shocked to find this when I've tried to access them via those computers.

Beema said...

This is very interesting because the UK has started to do the same. A website deemed to be pro the British National Party,was blocked from all public libraries. After a concerted effort by the BNP this site was reinstated. But worst of all, there was nop hate speech or racism whatsoever on the site of which it had been accused. This is shocking indeed and we in the West need to tell everyone we know and end it now, even more so as islamist websites have much hate on offer.

magdalight2001 said...

A related observation.....? If you google Alex Jones the Obama Deception you get about 233,000 results. If you altavista the same search, you get 1,350,000 results. It makes me wonder.....any relevance to the censorship issue or just a meaningful co-incidence?

magdalight2001 said...

Food for thought: Details of my above library experience: My computer was down one day so I went to use the public library computer. Much to my surprise, every single conservative site that I tried to access was blocked from view. I asked the librarian what's going on. She said, "sites with adult content are blocked on computers used by minors." Then she directed me to the adult computers where I was able to look up these sites. Having been raised in Hungary, force fed on communist propaganda at the exclusion of all else...this experience couldn’t help but raising a red flag in my mind...