Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Sadly and unfortunately, we can't "force" or make our gov't. do anything; not enough people care, apathy is far too widespread, and gov't. is too BIG. If a large group of Americans marched on Washington, DC., the current Administration would have our own soldiers quell the uprising. They want the Military to change their Oath of Allegiance to the PRESIDENT not the Constitution, so they can be thrown at us on Oba-Hussein's direct orders. And in case they refuse, the planned Million Person, Civilian Security Forces - funded and armed equally or better than the regular armed forces - yes the Black or Brown shirt Youths, having been brainwashed in his camps, will do it for Oba-Hussein. Obama and Congress do not want to hear our problems. The Fed is WAY too big and WAY too powerful, and terribly out of control. Many friends do care, but we can't get nearly enough involved fast enough to make a difference as our property, freedoms and decision making are yanked from us by the current Administration, which controls all three branches of government and consists of some intensely radical thinking and philosophies, never yet encountered in our land in this tyrannical position of power. However, there is a noticeable gathering tidal surge of anger and Tea Parties and patrtiotic pro-America groups forming to save our country from Marxist and Islamist groups plotting to destroy us through Oba-Hussein's Administration.

America! What have you done? (See below for yourselves).


AmericaAlone? said...

Don't send tea bags, they won't get through security. SEnd pictures of tea bags instead.

MommyKoz said...

You can also just send the tea bag tag with the string attached. (and then you can still drink your tea). They'll get the idea.